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Guess that it works. So I I love the criticism, no absolutely great You know He's playing a straight As in a dramatic role in city of angels are Yami of the any graph. Dreadful O time. Yeah, it's it's It's a heap. He's IT set in. The thirties pre were to set in Los Angeles and there is this Natalie dormer is playing like this demon character, so she plays four or five different roles, because she's this demon, this trying to disrupt things and he plays A. He is a straight Jewish cop of that gets. A team that with Hispanic Cobb, so the two losers don't WanNa work together. It's really good, and he is just A straight man. All the way through I mean I to watch. That I love him I saw him in, so I thought you were talking about angels in America where he plays Roy Cohn with. Debatable if he did, he was the tour. De Force phone. So the charity for this charity to quote the Great. John Mullany now there's Nazis again, so we're living in a world where white supremacy is on the rise. It's not as funny in real night. So I'm plugging Jews for racial and economic justice. That's J. S.. R. E. J. Dot Org. And they take a variety of actions to dismantle racism economic exploitation, so it's a combination between Jewish people who have always been very socially social justice, minded and communities that need support If you don't have money, you can. Air quotes facilitate the removal of your local statue of course. There are no statues to Hitler in Germany for it's weird. The statues to Columbus. On the land suit that didn't necessarily start the genocide here, but like you help me. In also. If you again I've done some study and talked about this. A lot of these statues. were not erected to like the fifties. Specifically that time. It was to kind of in an almost a protest of what was happening in society, so it isn't like they were. It isn't as if You Know Robert E, Lee this was film. You know built right after you know the civil war, and so here's his. Here's the sad thing balance. This is so sad. I grew up. I was born in Leesville Louisiana and so that is right next to Fort Polk Louisiana. That is where my my dad was stationed. When he met my mom. My grandmother worked there for years. That's where I used to go. Watch her work and she would give me comic book she would. She was the manager and she would let me pull all the comments I want from the rack. Rip Off the cover. Let me keep them. She would take the cover to get credit so I have Affection for Fort Polk and I did not realize it was named after confederate general, so a so I'm looking this up, so yes, it's a confederate general. That lost every battle. He was fought in. He was. President. Okay. Yeah, so this is just like they. They named like Fort Hood, and these other military bases that were named after confederate generals, and so I looked this up and sure enough, and it's like okay. I'm not saying it's good to be named after confederate general period. I think it's not but. Then you go. He's bad. He was he won the battle he was. He was like you could at least make art General Lee Robert e Lee. They said was a brilliant strategic, and he was a great military mind. This guy, just his his his officers hated him the only reason he was popular among men because he let them do whatever they want so I thought was like. Why are we doing this? How? Absurd also like that one's real easy, because you just have to be like. Oh, now it's the James Poll. And be like. Yeah, that's I mean I. Forget if it's or pierce that a problem with one of them like facilitated the annexation of New Mexico. I think it was pulled so. But. Yes, I understand Yeah, that's the sexiest thing wild also, and then we'll move on but like. They let a revolt against the United. States government. There were terrorists. Yes, so why are statues? Absolutely. Clever smart grid may have made that argument. Okay, all right so mine number two is a nineteen ninety six movie called grace of my heart. Eramet it is directed by. Anders in his stars Alana Douglas. she plays basically a carole king character. starts writing music. and she she, she originally is married to what's similar to Goffin who ghetto carole king is Mary to and then She gets divorced and then in the movie. She falls in love with a Brian Wilson type character. then they. They kind of show her journey, so it's a good movie, but what makes the movie great is? Elvis Costello and burt back Iraq. wrote a song together. Then Lesley Gore Larry Klein and David Bear Walk wrote a song together, and so what he did. He took a modern songwriter and someone from that era and wrote it, so it's all new songs. So, cool, yes! And so Your homework. and. Yes, this is the gay section, so of course so bridget Fonda plays a character named Kelly Porter. And and she is kind of this. Teeny bopper and she's they have to write a song for and she is gives them no nothing nothing nothing nothing. I mean she is. To them and it is just in there. Like what am I GONNA do? To You know How are we going to connect disc-, person? And I'm trying to see if I can find lyrics. Yes, so. He's supposed to be like a allegedly Gore tight. Yes. So already interested so? They watch and without knowing it her assistant. And her. They're fighting. So they very quickly that she is a closeted lesbian. So. They Friday song called my secret love. Love is never been easy for me. Can't you see I've always been lonely faith. It seems like a mystery girl like me. Have to hide her arts away..

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