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Of social services in the case firefighters found themselves having to deal with cold temperatures while battling several fires in saint clair county over the weekend five fires on saturday were reported in senator ville freberg new haven's very heights and deuba three of those fires were in trailer homes and two started by owners tried to fall frozen pipes to the homes ended up wien total losses you weather forecast for today a mix of clouds some sun flurry or two hanging around throughout the afternoon and a high of twenty nine and then we'll have sunny to partly cloudy skies and a high of seventeen total cumulation of snow could be one to two inches before it's all over brett bloom kmox news south in welcome too old america wild one another weekend town all over the place had the pleasure to fill in for mark reared in on thursday and friday of last week so feels good to be back in the overnights back here with you back here doing our overnight thing now he's like the overnight crowd so if you have uh bundled up much over the last couple of days this time tomorrow from what i hear based on accu weather the high will be zero through the overnight i guess as the low the overnight low zero the so we're going to be joined by steve travis of accu weather coming up later in the show on thoradh knows this would have been thursday when i was filling in for mark i wanted to try to cover the immigration negotiation a different way so i welcomed in a dreamer were going to replay that interview with air gray as coming up but a little bit but first where's the immigration deal now let's not really progress in all doesn't sound like there's much of a deal to confer right now mostly because if there was a deal i think that's the most latest report the one that came out on thursday in than friday covered nonstop by cnn as uh as as if it was the the biggest story in the history of the world president trump's use of language it a private meeting which is strange because of the.

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