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Strong, arm and hammer odor control available at Sam's Club. Our conversation continues after the news, we're actually getting some more baseball and football movie titles at ASA won't talk about any a cool experience. It's eight one five. Louise coming in the one five has a cool story about seeing the Damn Yankees in a tent theater. So read some of those texts when we come back if you want to join us with any thoughts three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred is the number to call or text us here with your news is Vic lawn. The supreme court is upheld a prison sentence that was handed down by a lower court to former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke is sentence of less than seven years will stand that was for a second degree murder conviction and convictions on sixteen counts of aggravated battery with a firearm, the Illinois attorney general and a special prosecutor had asked the high court to review that sentence. They argued the sentence was inconsistent with state law. It's about four thirty Wednesday afternoon in Sydney, Australia, lawmakers there today announced a fifteen percent cut to the number of immigrants that it allows in per year. It's also barring some new arrivals who do get in from living in some of its largest cities including Sydney for the next three years. They say it's a measure aimed at ease. Saying urban congestion and newly released documents show special counsel, Robert Muller had been investigating President Trump's formal former rather lawyer Michael Cohen thought Muller's team headed science on Cohen a full nine months before the FBI raided his home office and a hotel room back in April of twenty eighteen of the documents show Cohen now twenty two million dollars in debt. It shows that he failed to disclose that he was a raking in two point eight million dollars in payments from a number of corporate entities. Some based overseas on the promise of an insider's advice on how to deal with the Trump White.

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