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And then take the subway to newbury street. Where i go to booksellers and cafe. It's a a full service restaurant down by massa. Right yeah yeah. He got and It's it's great i. They have food and it. It's just I mean never mind the good food. It's just cool how it's a full-service full service restaurant inside of a bookstore. Colo like I also like the seaport area. Not necessarily because if anything to taylor but just because there's a lot of memories with all the all the different comic conventions and whatnot that i've been to in the area. Yeah sean thank you for the call that legal seafood type. It shouldn't be saying because it's always been doing azra cpas which i'm not but the bar on top alito seafood. Down the seaport. That's pretty cool. It's pretty cool. Yeah and and some people have mentioned that horticultural hall which is right next to the christian science church. That's gorgeous manure is going to work for boston magazine. My office was in horticultural hall looking out there. It was incredible. Because i was lowly lowly person there i got a great office looking out on the christian science church. That if you haven't been there that's spectacular. I don't think i have actually. You're talking about right across symphony hall right right across right. Yeah right across is horticultural hall. You used to be the horticultural society or something like that and this escort boston magazine there. And you haven't absolutely gorgeous view of the christian science church which is really nice to symphony hall is worth seeing trinity church people talking about trinity church us another great one too where i've never been to behind the green monster. I guess this is bucket list to the bucket list question. What would you do before heading out of town. I've never done that behind the scenes store. Well isn't aren't. Isn't that some of the red sox players. Just go to relieve themselves in the middle of the game behind the green monsters. Guess i'll have to report back on that that. I'm not sure how you did. Oh linda calling to correct us. I guess iran's not winthrop. She says in boston the boston harbor islands are great. Right jordan xilin.

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