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15 and 45 powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white Think red It's ten 15 now We're going to Frank hanrahan Well the caps only have a few minutes to try to extend their season Let's get a live update caps panthers live at capitol arena with our day Preston Frank if you have a rally cap at the radio station put it on right now Three 19 to play in regulation and the capitals trail three two Panthers taking their first lead of the night with 5 43 left in regulation on a go by Alexander barkov pledge Giroux and Ryan lomberg also finding the net for the visitors The Cavs get goals from nicked out and Nicholas backs from back he's goal coming with 1823 left in the third but they couldn't hold the lead right now they trail three to just over three minutes to play in regulation Big time the nationals fall to the Houston Astros 6 to one at Nats park so that's two straight losses for the Nats who gave up three early homers the Astros scored all their runs in the first three innings only one run for the Nazi That's an issue this season so far right scoring runs Now 11 and 23 on the season that's continue their series with the Astros tomorrow night WNBA mystics fall to Dallas 94 86 NBA playoffs It looks like the Celtics are going to force a game 7 In fact it has just gone final one O 8 95 Celtics beat the bucks in Milwaukee Jason Tatum had 46 for the Celtics and Phil Mickelson will not defend his title of the PGA Championship He has withdrawn Again like going under three minutes of play Panthers with a three two lead over the capitals Frank Anne ran WTO sports.

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