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And if you have Alexa, Google just say play a WFAN and you'll be locked into the fan. So as the med surg to get twenty nine nine on the way, you think about too is that really came off this team. And a lot of games that let's be honest meet a whole lot, but they came on. And they had terrific second have sin. You looked at their overall stat lines and you had to come away. Very very impressed. One is. The other Michael four when I think about the Mets trying to get to the postseason issue when I think about the Mets having really good campaign. I can't envision that without consistency. From Conforto start to finish. We know Conforto comply. All star a couple of years ago. The guy has had some big hits overs. Short tenure. In a met uniform Geck play. What he has not done what the big league level. Because of injury on the performance, whatever it may be is rocked out from game one to game on sixty two and do so in a consistent manner. Then you get to Wheeler. I. Was really surprised it came away. So impressed by watching impeach second. Half of the. He put it all together. Now, this guy is going into a contract the season. Willa knows what's in front of him. Page. Well, get paid don't pitch. Well, then you're viewed as a flash in the pan type gal. Wheeler needs to complement the Graham and Syndergaard atop the rotation will be there. Syndergaard even always an up and down year, by his standards his numbers still right when you would expect most pretty good pitches debate. You gotta have now is that legitimate one one a one b that's the path for postseason baseball for the Mets your to emerging players from the end the twenty eighteen wheel cafaro, basically picking up right where they left off. Let's say to a King's Park are good pal Carlo. He's up next foul. It's up. Yes. Carlo definitely talk about. We lost you immediately. Call. But we have you wanna talk some Yanks. Let's see what do you got? I can't wait to start. You know that.

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