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Yeah I was having mangas order city doesn't matter how big you are Camden example or that cam is a message at eight six three four one seven four four we're back with Matthew Modine Matthews it's pretty much been a household name for at least thirty five years I don't know could see a math you could see when what was your first sort of big movie wait here was full metal jacket the first one that was probably the first big big movie vision quest was before that Mrs so photo with Mel Gibson thank Heaton was so successful but it was fun to work on Private School with Phoebe cates oh that's right that all the classics that's back when and Bubis worth saying and movies and Bubis is enough to get you to go out on a Saturday night and that movie there's an actor that was in that movie that was sort of the poor man's John Belushi was guy's name Michael Zurich yes and he would do all those kind of us guys going to dress like a girl with the Harry legs and stuff and he was kind of a GM John Belushi Eight time here but I don't know whatever became of him he lives in New York he's e- contacts me on twitter everyone actually private school just came out on Blue Ray and I think this is a callback from Michael Zorc he's GonNa play it for all it's worth the movie see this movie Miss Virginia available in select theaters on digital and on demand. Tomorrow as you as you hear this I've not seen it because some the link or whatever trying to send me screwed up so you tell us about the movie well it's a story about a woman they Miss Virginia Virginia walled board it's based on a true story about her life and she's in inner city African American in Washington DC WHO her son was in trouble and the schools like they are in most a public schools across the country are kinda overcrowded and underfunded and does she wanted to create an opportunity for her son to get a better education and as she started to explore the private schools they cost the the same amount of money to send your child to a private school as it does to a public school so they you know they wanted to create this voucher system so you could choose you can take the money in in school tax money that was allotted for public school and use that towards a private school so she has empowered and changed the lives of thousands of kids in the in the in the Washington DC here Area well I'm glad I'm this is the subject because it's one I've always talked about I liked vouchers I like school choice my feeling is like when you kind of go well yeah but some of these charter schools are some of these vouchers or some of these things and I know there's a difference some of them aren't as good or some like there's always gonna be that but I'm saying in total having a kid have a choice and then create competition for the public schools like hey you got up your game now because people are GonNa go cross the street and go to another school I like that it sounds kind of American doesn't it it sounds American thing do you have Max pat you have that drop of I think we had Barbara Boxer was interviewing the thing that's crazy about this act is democrats should be all in on this subject because it helps the kids it helps the week kids the inner city kids Mike Kids we live in lock and Yada the school district is good a little too good luck now I have the dumbest kids in the school rush it out a little bit we don't my kids don't need vouchers but the kids that all the politicians are constantly talking about the inner city these kids they don't stand a chance at the test they're not getting good teachers and they need more funding they're against vouchers wire they against vouchers hypocritical yeah because they're mobbed up with the unions and the teachers unions and they don't WanNa piss off the teachers unions and the teachers unions don't want vouchers which is I get it you don't want competition I'm sure United like southwest yeah but guess who wins Yeah we do now so I get it you don't want it but up your game and who's who's been up in there than South West over the last twenty five years or anybody because you'll die if you don't look at the industry where everything's sucks their play the airline is the price is going down it does help you get there faster you got you got sorry you have her and her daughter Nicole sorry we blindside vest but Max Brad SCO hadn't asked Dumbo drew asking her about me and vouchers or school choices sorry and what's wrong with school vouchers he wants to know why not school vouchers if people wanNA use the free I'll tell you the problem with it it's taxpayer money I'm and it's going to schools away from schools it's money taking out of schools where ninety five percent of the children the country go I have no problem with charters but I think to take people out to private school it's taxpayers funding that's going there and I think that's wrong I would the atom atom update your spiel dude wants that's like ten twelve year old debate really interests yeah Mike funny the little more progressive search all right I'm going to update my she'll with I I don't have a dog GonNa fight but it seems to me that when I see these things in these inner city kids and they're all looking just the MOMMAS just dying for them to get that voucher and go to that school what's what's with a choice I don't I don't know why we don't get to choose our taxes are spent you know the the when I think that at the end of the year when we're paying our taxes we should as citizens have the opportunity I'd like this much donated to public schools I'd like this much donated to public health and the million Terry the that we should it shouldn't be determined for us as citizens how our tax money is spent also this notion I by the way Barbara boxer daughter went to school Marin county so very hard knocks wrong side of the track wrong side of the bay tough out there man sows Alito here's the thing here's the thing yes each child gets you know nine thousand dollars or thirteen thousand the high end twenty two or twenty six thousand per child to go to a school in yes the money does go away from the public school because it's getting a voucher going to a better school but that's not your money and that's not the schools money that's the money we as citizens have set aside for that child to be educated and if we think that thirteen thousand dollars could get that kid more education down the street then that's not taking money away from anybody that's US getting more value for our tax paying dollar Yes yes Barbara Boxer surely she should understand that and her advanced age but now it doesn't work for her all right now obviously if you minus the teachers unions and Barbara Boxer's getting votes then she probably would be Lord I I I would assume so what are your I'm Lookin' down the page here and I'm seeing that Liam niece and taught you how to fly fresh yeah I don't even know where that fun fact came back but he actually didn't teach me how to fly fish my grandfather and my uncle did up northern California fly fishing for steelhead trout in the Hayfork River and the shadow of Mount Shasta that's that's where I learned to fly fish Baliem Avid fly Fisher and we both had places upstate New York I've sold mine subsequently I am lime disease almost killed me but I I don't know I don't know where that came from but I don't mind me this kind of sexy Liam Neeson he's a dear friend and you know girls seem to get really excited when I saw what's going on with IMDB Hey Chris doing entrance where on the bigger Dick Than Liam Niece Fatimah put it in there and we'll cakes and fly fish is yeah you can just see if we can his payments it's so long is ball's like rail now a lot of people love fly fishing and it doesn't seem so Jimmy Kimmel love fly fishing and Huey Lewis loves fly fishing and so does Tucker Carlson so it seems to have a lot of range politically is it the love of the at home with nature and the sort of accession of it or or do we love eating fish and if so or are you tell me what you love about most of the people tell you they catch and release right so at then I don't understand it so it's not for the Food Liam does a full relief every time you don't WanNa be downstream and upstream with the Oh really yeah you know I mean it's dangerous you go out in the waiters and you stand the middle of a river if you if you stumble you know they can fill up and then your legs are suddenly doc anchors and you're stuck out in the middle of the river if you get too close to the to the shore and there's trees you're always catching the line in the in the bushes of the trees when you're casting so I mean I wouldn't do it if I wasn't hungry I really you know I feel like most people do we just want to meditate sound of the river and stuff and this literally gives them something to do probably fell in love with the river runs through direct by Robert men in their privately desiring to be Brad Pitt Yep that's right how that's what's happened how long does one I went with the Kimmel several years ago on one of these things and it was like I felt the same way that I feel about golfing it's like too too much time just being out on the river nine hours it's like too much river for me to see like you know an hour hour and fifteen minutes all full circle didn't in shortcuts but you are borrowed Alvin didn't Huey Lewis wasn't he and I fly fishing fishing movie opens with the yeah the whole him out that's like the beginning of the NCAA him he lewis fitting really yeah I never started fly fishing oh brings all together all alone don't he loves the the dam the dam fly fishing and in Kimmel does this well but again I don't know if they love it they disliked the whole ultimate yeah now which I wouldn't argue against I don't get the golfing thing I I've tried a I don't I don't understand I like miniature golf you know that's fun yeah I've I've I've had this conversation with Dr drew a thousand times he just comes who's got the time it takes up so much time and I'm like I think that's kind of the plan and then every once in a while a guy golfs with his wife and I'm like well now you're flying in the face your own plan but so sorry and carpentry as well is that true well I now I know where that came from it was people magazine I would they see they came to my house 'cause they wanted they insisted on doing the story at my house and I said I wanNa let you in my house but I was building I was rebuild clean a old farmhouse in upstate New York and so they came and you know I they took pictures of me pounding nails and I remember they wanted me to put all the nail out like pulling the nail but the way that the photographer was trying to stage the photograph so the Hammer I said that any carpenters GonNa look at me and say what an asshole uh-huh because the hammer would have hit me in the face you know but it was for the frame of the picture and I I can't do that because it just makes me look like an idiot did you and I have dinner many years ago I think we did yes and I don't I cannot recall many the specific six I remember probably go back to like none of them nineteen ninety eight nineteen ninety seven and somehow it may be an agent or something said Matthew Modine once talked to you and I said Okay we'll have dinner I used to do everything on my way into love line so love line started it can we could sit down at eight have a good hour and a half and then I just head off to love line which is sort of how I recall it and you must have had an idea for a project but I don't remember what the project was don't think we ever did it I did it was great you have to also mutual friends Kevin Nealon and David Alan Grier yes and and I that's how I feel that connection came was David Allen our real yeah it was it was thing is that there maybe there was some kind of thing that we're trying to put together some were you you were writing I guess yeah I wanted to make this film that was a bunch of joe folks and when my dad was driving theater manager and one of the movies I remember from my early Teens was a movie old I just went out of my head mad mad mad world it's the best movie ever made No it was a it was a bunch of joke movies I it was a bunch of jokes kind of Strung DeGaulle Kentucky Fried Kentucky Fried movie well done and so they were going to be amazing dinner didn't go better job ARSIM product you've grown the you know like I made one of them which you can see online if you type in cowboy lesbian joke it will come up Way the poor lady who played the lesbian in the in the film is is now a Catholic school teacher and she begs me to take it off the engine and I said I didn't put it on the Internet I don't know how it got there I don I wouldn't you I couldn't to save my life I couldn't tell you how to even post a video on online but it's there it's a funny joke so there was going to be the cowboy fish out of water these were all going to be in New York and all vignettes and yeah and then st together like blazing saddles at the end when they're all inside of the studio so you you have the cliches of all of these stereotypes of Chinese jokes of African American jokes of Jewish jokes and all of these different characters finally end up in a bar or in a situation where it was one big joke.

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