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Make ship happen isn't elements starts her engine time for eleven get ready to wait from the Mavis discounter and in traffic and transit dell is all about a great right well north bend FDR drive do not bother out of lower Manhattan and here's why north and if you are getting up past waterside plaza in route towards the midtown tunnel area we are looking at an accident only one lane gets by it is a very tough ride from at least the Williamsburg gone up self and FDR slam to coming down past the area of the Queensboro bridge at this point here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels inbound George could go to the upper lower west side the best way across from the worst of it it's made worse because of an accident knock me out of the left lane before the George Lincoln's about fifteen either way so is the Holland Brooklyn Brooklyn bridges all bunched up at this hour garden state parkway slows down to one forty five again and Irvington all the way Clark County of north down loaded into the union told I know easy itself right in either direction getting over towards the area of the garden state parkway here's what we see on Long Island big three the L. I. loads up to one oh six seven again the bag until road east and northern state no good path Willis Avenue or east of the Meadowbrook were slow the southern state he spent after valley stream getting out towards the Bethpage state parkway in a jam let me know call the ten ten which traffic tip one thirty four for jam ten ten that's a four four five two six ten ten I'm Greg rice on ten ten where have you wanted to speak a new language but you cited be too hard or take too much time then go to babble dot com download the app and try it for free in just fifteen minutes a day you'll be on your way to speaking a new language in just a few weeks and right now you can try babble for free battle starts out teaching you words and phrases by matching.

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