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Now, here's your host why Cox. Burdening friend. We go back seventy one years for an episode of Escape Second Class Passengers starring Parley Baer. And story about an ordinary tourist on the cruise ship. Back Alleys of Mozambique kisses ugly. And thank you for tuning in on this. Tuesday, it is the twenty eighth day of July two hundred tenth day of the year we have one hundred and fifty six days, remaining fourteenth amendment of the Constitution was ratified on this date in eighteen, sixty, eight of the. The citizenship of African Americans and guaranteed due process of law. Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia on this date in nineteen, fourteen, precipitating the start of World War. One Herbert. Hoover ordered Douglas McArthur to evict the bonus marchers from their camps on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty two. And it was on this date in. One thousand nine, hundred, sixty five. President. Johnson ordered another fifty thousand American soldiers into the Vietnam War, we do not want an expanding struggle as consequential is that no one can foresee. Are Willie her. Are Really. Are Flown our power. But we will not surrender. And we will not retreat. The call ups brought the total force up to one hundred twenty five thousand soldiers, the Twenty Third Olympics opened in Los Angeles on this date in Nineteen eighty-four minus fourteen eastern bloc nations, who boycotted the games eighty four because of the US boycott of the nineteen eighty Moscow Olympics due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Point out and and quite a few countries, supporting US reduced the nineteen eighty games more than. A regional competition. it's going to be somewhat the same way. It will not be an Olympic in the true sense of the word. Former Olympian Al Order Nine Pennsylvania. Coal miners rescued on this date in two thousand two after seventy seven hours of being trapped in a mine shaft, and it was eleven years ago today, the Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Sonia Sotomayor or to be the first Hispanic Justice on the Supreme Court among those passing away on this date in history, Cyrano de Berge Iraq Antonio Vivaldi Johann Sebastian Bach actress. Marie Dressler actor Sam Edwards prowrestler Karl Gotch who was legendary and actress and singer Eileen Brennan. This is the birthdate of. trix parter potter. Entertainer Rudy, Vallee Inventor Earl Tupper. You know Tupperware composer Carmen Dragon. Such an excellent composer of Someday. I'll tell you the story of his America the beautiful and how I worked at in with the. Pledge of allegiances done by. Red Skeleton and did it as a thing that I did anyway. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis also born on this date former first lady, and from the Mary, Tyler. Moore show and everybody loves Raymond George Ingle alborn on this date Garfield Creator Jim. Davis turned seventy five Jonathan Edwards. Sunshine Sunshine go back another day. Seventy four years of age, also turning seventy four today Lou Grant Celinda Kelsey all in the family. Sally struthers seventy-three from full. House Lori Loughlin fifty six years of age from saved by the bell and showgirls. Elizabeth Berkeley is forty eight and British singer. Cher Lloyd is twenty-seven, though some of the people who celebrate the twenty eighth of July as their birthday. If this happens to be your birthday. Where the four freshmen and we just want to say. An episode of escape from seventy one.

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