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Know what it is but it's something but of course as you. Although by now anderson silva returned to the boxing ring not too long ago. He pieces up. Julio cesar chavez junior he looked amazing doing it and tito ortiz hasn't fought since he beat former. Wwe wrestler alberto l. patrol four camacho america. Unless you count his city council meetings but here we are damon martin. Let us bring you in here. Anderson silva has one of those moments that we were all very excited to see the smile on his face. He had the swagger back in that boxing ring. There's talks about him. Maybe fighting logan paul and now he's fighting tito ortiz in the boxing ring. So you'll one of the folks who confirmed this fight. What went over you when you confirm this information. I i was at first. I was a little surprised with that. I was like why am i surprised they. Why why am. I surprised at all that does is happening. I mean this is the day and age. We're in in terms of You know. Boxing and celebrity boxing and even mixed martial arts with a certain extent depending on how deep you want to go on other signings. They've been made over these last few years. But listen a part of me when all these five sorta i coming together. A part of me was like oh. It's ruining the sanctity of the sport. I don't like seeing these kind of freak show fights but it over time. I kind of realized you know what we've always kind of embraced freakshow fights. I mean you could argue that you know the great. The late great kimble slice when he signed on and then was doing fine. You could say well. That was a bit of a gimmick and you obviously see him punk signing. Ufc was again make. And there's all kinds of gimmick fights out there so who am. I going to begrudge two guys getting paid. I'm assuming a boatload of money to go out there and box each other You know anderson. You mentioned it mike. Anderson looked happier than ever in that boxing match. Julio cesar chavez junior like i was and it was a joy to watch a guy. Who's covered anderson for so many years and and and i'm with everybody else. Consider him one of the greatest fighters of all time to see that guy looked so happy and so joyous like doing his thing again Who am i gonna begrudge him going out there and and listen. This is a low risk. Fight tito's not a boxer by any stretch of the imagination. I mean he. He's not that what he's never been a boxer so it's a low risk fighting that regret. I mean he just pieced up as you see peace. The julio cesar chavez junior legit boxing champion over eight rounds again. You know why not why not do it. And and tedo. What i wrote the story i had to kind of remember. He's a three five win streak. He'd be chelsea on any beat ab and obviously. I know alberto l. patrol and chuck ladele of twenty twenty one or whenever they've on twenty twenty nine hundred twenty eighteen. Is it the chocolate l. But still three five win tweets. He can't say the guys on the downturn of his career and he's too old to do this so why not look. I mean i get it. There's an audience for this. People are talking about it. We're talking about it. Chiller wants to low this card up with names. Stella delahoya return totally understandable. Is this victory lap kind of thing for trailer being able to put this fight together and putting it on this card like is this something. They should be celebrating and shouting from the rooftops. We got this thing done. This is a big deal. Yeah i think to a point you after. I mean Air anderson because of what anderson did the child as junior anderson's next boxing match no matter who it's going to be is going to be buzzed about and no one is going to say it shouldn't happen because we saw what he did to. Julio these shabas junior i mean that was a legit boxing match and even though it was rendered a split decision as a joke it was a unanimous decision anderson easily won six. Maybe even seven of the eight rounds No one can say he shouldn't. Yeah there now. I'm not saying you should put them in the ring and say we're going to have the matchup with cannella where we're going to fight you triple g or some crazy like that but tito ortiz. Where's the risk i mean. Where's the risk factor in this. And then you know tito. I mean you know i mean listen again. The guys legitimately on three five win streak. And obviously he's taken an l. Off the huntington beach city council. But that's a whole other kind of thing but I listened to guy tito is still relatively active fighting recently. And we know he's still training and again i don't i know this sounds weird saying this because obviously you can get hurt in any combat sport. You're doing but i feel like this is a far lower risk for these two guys to box each other than if you were going to tell me. Hey we're going to book anderson silva against riot hall in the ufc. And that was. That was tough to watch. Seeing anderson lose that way and his last year of c fight. That was hard to watch man. I i hated seeing that in this particular case. It's it's it's low risk and high reward right now. At least from what. I could find the opening. Odds have anderson silva as a minus five hundred favorite the comeback on tito ortiz. Plus three fifty. I was surprised by this line damon. This line should be much larger for anderson sufficient. It like we should be looking at like minus seven eight close to a thousand range in this case. I mean i understand the tito's on three five winning streak in anime but he just seems like i don't know i. It just doesn't seem not that he doesn't belong but it just seems he seems like the one of these things is not like the other. Tito's like the other in this case like in my crazy. no actually. That's the prizes me i. I don't bet on fives. But i feel like i need to take out a loan right now. The money down on this one because innocent should be a nasa favourite. And that's no offense to tito. It's more recobbled into anderson me anderson. We saw what he just legitimately did to a book too legit boxer and did it very well. I mean you could argue. Maybe the size difference will be a little bit. But i mean you know they're gonna find a catchweight some even though tito will probably come in and have if twenty pounds on him. I don't know doubt really matter in the fight. And i mean let's let's not forget. There was a time years ago when tito to re-sign as uc contract. He made dana white commit to a boxing match against them and then the boxing match fell apart. And data's claim and i know this is dana. White says the data's claim was is he actually put a real legit training in and and went out and worked with real boxers to get ready and tito didn't really want to do that. Because it could potentially be an embarrassing situation petito to lose or to have a close boxing match with his boss from the ufc into never happened. So yeah i have a hard time believing. Tito's going to do well in this fight. I think anderson as i agree with you should be probably i mean. Let's just say let's be hypotheticals. Okay tito has been a size on and maybe a little bit of power. So let's mice eight hundred nine hundred but yeah i mean yeah minus five hundred like i said. I'm taking out a loan to put some money down on that. Because anderson anderson should be a massive favourite in his fight. What a fascinating time. We live in damon. Let let me let me throw this out. There just got feeling whatever comes to your mind come..

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