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Jim webb vanilla there really wasn't much to talk about but yet he's on there to talk about his politics and he's gonna return to journalism all this kind of thing what was never said i read the transcript can i watched the videotape chuck todd's wife was the former communications director for his senate campaign and was advising in his presidential campaign there was not a single solitary word about this not only that she was a donor to tim kaine and when chuck todd interviews tim kaine not a word not only that newsbusters reported and i dug this up reported that sh she had made her firm had consulting firm and made all kinds of money from the bernie sanders campaign on that same show with jim webb separately was bernie sanders not a word of it the most unbelievable most sanctimony as i've said this on the air a lot i mean the these people they hang out with each other they go to lunch with each other they go to dinner with each other they date each other they do all sorts of things with each other and it's always a good old boys club and the press and all of these congressional members staffers everybody they're all like in the circle together so many of them are a part of it and if you're not part of the circle you the most hated person there and that is the dirty untold truth and yeah there are a lot of media people as i pointed out yesterday we put up on our website hannity dot com they're not revealing their relationships with prominent.

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