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Listed at four forty nine four more hundred forty nine dollars also listed for two fifty. There's some sign ones right the Some of the green signature debut edition ones right Seven hundred bucks new baby. So sean o'malley it's worth it. I don price. I'm seeing as a buck thirty. Their regular one. I spent money on worse things on honestly we will we will. We will donate the cards of the cody. Stayman training fund if the card ends up put pinned in your window when you fight him and you crumple it like stallone crumbles fire on fire in front of him in front of them. Just be like wear it around your neck like a chain like a chain so you gotta you gotta legitimate i think a legitimate storyline. Now i think i mean chirpin him for for years. It's nothing he doesn't say anything. He'll say one word but like let's let's take a little deeper analysis. Who is he fought really. No i mean nobody worth That is so weird as following. Come from down is his fouling. Come from i mean he's he's i think he's still relatable to there's a. There's a niche market. There's a niche market. That is like sean o'malley plays video games gets high all the time i mean like i feel like kids in their mom's basement like love this guy and they worship him an and those are the guys that chirpy online of course i mean so when i say something about sean o'malley one hundred messages from angry children and grown ass. Men actually this. This is a true story. This story so i i. I made a comment about my fans and his fans like go to work the next day. His fans have to ask their mom if they can buy the fight. Iran funny right anyways. I got messages. I'm not shitting you from probably fifty different grown. Now i two kids. I have two jobs i worked my ass off and i'm shawn fan and i'm like okay. What just get into. I stepped into a different reality. It's true there's a whole different world weirdos that that worship this dude for what it's worth if you search sean o'malley fights the first three articles that come up the second one is cody stayman lobbies for easiest fighting the division with over hyped clown started cool is he doesn't think sean o'malley will become ufc champion There's all kinds of stuff like Somebody so he's fourteen and one is what his record he. I mean he legitimately he thought one legitimate opponent at bantamweight cheeto veira cheeto stopped him via one kick in the second round and then ground empowerment him out.

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