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On the west side of Evanston last night police found the victim in a whole month Daryl Avenue near lease street the victim said to be alert at the hospital authorities say there's no threat to the public some Wisconsin fire departments of stop using firefighting phone that contains a group of man made chemicals that have been linked to increased cholesterol in cancer risks among other health hazards the substances can contaminate the state's ground water and water ways and are also found in products like nonstick pans a new study says artificial intelligence is proving to be as good as radiologists in identifying breast cancer in women breast cancer survivor Helen Edwards allowed her medical information to be read by the new technology he says he felt awkward at first longer term economic benefit women and having less me cool when you haven't got the cancer American cancer society says radiologist miss about twenty percent of breast cancers in mammograms and it adds half of all women who get the screenings over a ten year period have a false positive results up next key word for cash and business WBBM news time nine twenty two it all starts with just one thing this year resolve to use less gas you can carpool to work a few days a week walk any distance under a mile and consider an electric vehicle for your next car buying tips and more at one thing U. S. dot com what's your plan thing hazy at three and dear to Scaramucci here recording or move to the Mrs podcast it's like art therapy my mother's like why are you cursing so much Kathy and I are making it work and helping repair the nation's divide as well stop doing this kind of nonsense is like one of those people can get out of their own way president trump and I are cool and we bring that perspective from the White House to middle America we need to restore sanity okay so Mrs mooch doesn't like trump too much the mood and the missus podcasts listen to the new episodes every Tuesday on the radio dot com app that sound means WBBM keyword for cash is back nine chances each week day when one thousand dollars this.

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