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Were supposed to be when they were quoted up that was the guys under which they were created oh yeah they always say that it they were supposed to be temporary right yeah just as soon as we pay off the road so the cost of the roads and we'll take him down and then they never take him down but i called into w k e k about this of this morning your radio station and a one of the things i minster was it like if you look at the at the picture were there were they're discussing it uh as that person who's standing there testifying in favor of it is like you'd like represents the big contractors organisation the building contractors organization so he's he's he's there to tell you that he wants your you know he wants you to fund this thing so he can get sweet contract how is that he had him more contracts ardent how would raising the toll get him contracts the tolls are already built oh well with l figure out something to build quote hill oh the'do izzo it uh i don't know what you know what he's going to what he's gonna get but it's just you know it all the insiders in the show up agassi hotel that's why it's great that we are here in new hampshire where we've got darrell perry doing liberty lobby at liberty lobbied on info the new hampshire liberty alliance also doing great work in the state house we got thousands of liberty might have people moving here as part of the new hampshire to migration and more day thank her a call it in its differently from ridley report dot com.

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