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There was public outcry and Wakefield with stripped of his license in two thousand ten, it's why he's discredited doctor and Janet field. No longer Dr longer doctor cannot practice. The Lancet retracted, the paper in two thousand and ten also in two thousand and nine the Omni bus autism proceeding, which is basically this massive class action lawsuit against vaccines. This was a huge decision that was made the MR vaccine did not cause autism, nor did they Mirasol containing vaccines that meant that, that limited the ability for people to sue on the basis on the grounds that those vaccines caused autism, one special master wrote, quote, sadly, the petitioners in this litigation have been the victims. Of bad science conducted to support litigation rather than to advance medical and scientific understanding of autism spectrum disorder the evidence in support of petitioners causal theory is weak contradictory and unpersuaded of this is particularly apparent when considering the impressive body of epidemiologic evidence contradicting their theories. But that should be that should be shutting the door then. Right. So we know for sure there's no link these doors. Never get shut. As I have said many times in this episode. The damage had already been done Wakefield, could then play the role of martyr crying conspiracy, and continuing to promote his anti vaccine agenda. He wrote books, he made a documentary, he gave paid lectures, and he gained followers among them, many celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy. Jim Carey Alicia SilverStone Charlie Sheen, Robert Kennedy jR, Bill Maher, and Donald Trump, who has tweeted multiple times about a link between vaccines and autism long after this. Links had been proven not to exist..

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