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Better mental health. So I'm always in a battle between healthy and flavorful and you know what WanNa rub. Bob Has helped me choose healthier options. If you want to change your diet but you're worried about missing out on delicious flavors WanNa rub is all you need with WanNa rub. I don't have to give up the flavor. I crave when cooking healthy meals choose a healthier option like WanNa rub when seasoning your green beans or preparing pairing. Some Salmon WanNa road is gluten free with no MSG's or GMO's and if you're on a low sodium Diet waterworld rob has only two percent that's thirty five milligrams of sodium per serving WanNa rub only uses natural pink Himalayan Ryan Salt which provides the human body with eighty four essential minerals. And believe me. You're going to need those minerals. Other ingredients like chipotle garlic and Paprika help act as an antioxidant and that helps your body fight inflammation. Oh you know I need that. Oh okay I'm inflamed all the time. Do you need more reasons to buy one era will. Here's another one. It's versatile this rub goes on everything the Meat Poultry Cauliflower and more WANNA RUB is there to make your dinner taste amazing. You won't regret adding adding water up to your daily cooking routine and hey maybe adding water rotate your healthier meals will give you even more incentive to try other healthier foods. What about that do you think about that? You know what you never know. It's a new decade support. This veteran owned company because they helped bring during this podcast to you so go to WanNa rub dot com and start eating healthier with flavor apocalypse. Now listeners you get ten percent off their first order when they use the code apocalypse pod at checkout that's a Po C. A. L. Y. I P. S. E. P. O. D. at checkout to get ten percent off your I wanNa rub.

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