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That's Tommy John dot com slash places. Let's get into our Sunday dummies of the week. Yourself house Willie what he got so dummies. It's definitely Jacksonville secondary for the whole bartend situation on Friday night. I didn't hear about that. We didn't hear about it. Who's Jacksonville Jaguars or at a at a club Friday night right up a Bill sixty four thousand. And they try to run out. They were they got into a brawl with I think security story. It was in London. This was in London. Yes. That is correct. Stephen soda Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday night was out partying ran up. A big tap supposed-. Big misunderstand. There was a brawl. It was it was Hayden. Barry Churchill, Rodney Harrison, Barry church. DJ hate and wells all gonna big. Big big fucking bro in London. So they ended up taking I think the tab. I imagine got paid. But they twelve hours before the game. I think. Yeah. And so what are you doing out? No, if it's Friday night so Friday associated Friday. Yeah. So yeah. So let's say they would have got in trouble when they weren't able to play. I mean, they were talking about receivers plan in a secondary possibly that safety. Caned by British police or sixty four thousand dollars paid parked. That's I I have Christian. Really, I always wonder when do you like players go out do players like go out the Thursday night, Thursday nights? Like team bonding Friday night date night with the wife because Friday because Fridays walk through for practice Fridays. Call the fat Friday, so it's really kind of a dress rehearsal. And so a lot of guys usually go out with their wife on Friday night and Thursday off to the club, boys. Do it on Thursday night. What about like Sunday nights after a wind? Go out go out people out Sunday nights dependent was city. I mean when I was a pittsbur- we always went out after the game after a win. I had a rule my rose if we won went out and party, we drink lit it up. We lost. Nobody talked to me pizza at the house. Everybody in bed by loving. That was it's not bad. I always wonder I source similar to you. I'm the quarterback of a Madden franchise. I some of you know, I really go deep into my like imagination. Go into the box in my stats. And I always right now quarterback of the Bengals. And I'm wondering like I like to imagine myself going out on the town. I never know what night I should be imagining myself going out. So you're saying Thursday Thursday night is your go get at night. Yeah. So if you looking for some trim, that's there's okay, Thursday nights. You know, my my quarterback, he cleans up. It's the club. Well, typical schedule Kirkman from around willy Monday is off day Tuesday's recovery day when they're off there. I mean, you're not I mean, they have shakeout shove at the facility to right. You got to review film workout eat do rehab. Sometimes they bring you back on the field. If glad you're back presidents worried about you. Worried about you know, as the on the coffee continue, so yeah. Then Tuesday's obviously off day in Wednesday's prefer week Wednesday Thursday and shells Friday through I fifteen play scripted saw on travel..

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