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To push back against President Trump's address to the nation on Tuesday night, the president set to speak to the nation from the Oval Office about border security and the government shutdown. The vice president has suggested Mr. Trump could declare a national emergency in hopes of redirecting money to build a border wall democratic leaders in congress called on Senate Republicans to pass the bar bipartisan bills the house passed last week and for the president to sign them. To end the shutdown will air, the president's address live on KOA, NewsRadio at seven o'clock tomorrow evening, growing number of TSA workers calling in sick during the shutdown the Pilots Association weighing in with concerns. The pilots here you're saying that it is affecting the entire airspace system. They say, for example, there are fewer safety inspectors on the job. And they are warning about the impact on the so-called, essential employees. That are required to go to work without pay their warning about the personal financial stress on those employees ABC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Speaking about the larger than normal numbers of TSA workers calling in sick. What would the Super Bowl be like without a super halftime act one? Civil rights organization would call that a major victory Gerald Griggs. Vice president of the Georgia end up Lacey pe- as a dream who knows maybe it won't be a Super Bowl halftime hoping to shine a layup police shootings and the NFL's treatment of the player who started the. Take a knee movement. Colin Kaepernick Grigg says he's already contacted some of the biggest music acts in the world asking them to forego any offer from the NFL to perform at the Super Bowl in Atlanta this year and asked for rapper Travis Scott reportedly confirmed to perform at halftime Griggs hopes to convince him to pull out as well. Pete combs, ABC news, Atlanta. The US supreme court rejecting a request from Exxon Mobil corporation that may lead to the public. Knowing win the company realize the impact of climate change, the energy company had asked the court to overturn a ruling by Massachusetts high scored allowing its attorney general to seek company records to see if they misled consumers and investors. Exxon is not made a comment on today's ruling both states launched their investigation in two thousand fifteen after news reports Exxon scientists from the seventies and eighties determined fossil fuel combustion must be cur tailed to lower the impact of climate change. The Golden Globe seeing a slight drop in viewers from last year. Nielsen data shows eighteen point six million. People watched Sunday's Golden Globe awards a two percent drop in views from twenty eighteen experts say one factor that hurts awards programs is that younger viewers watch highlights of the show on social media, which does not count in data Nielsen analyzes and in sports. The Broncos denying permission to two franchises the falcons and the Bengals to interview senior personnel advisor and former head coach Gary kubiak both of those teams are believed to have had interest in hiring kubiak to be their offense coordinator, but the Broncos plan to keep kubiak and would like him to work with the team's next head coach kubiak, of course, led Denver to victory in Super Bowl fifty as its head coach and the college football championship game in Santa Clara, Clemson pounding Alabama. Forty four sixteen.

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