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Analytic numbers. You need to know. Well maybe anthony masterson is his name be s. Analytics is his gay. What do you got for me. Anthony a no. We all got acquainted with being at home last year. But i think baseball twenty twenty one is taken it one step too far. Even the league win percentage on the road this season is it near the all time depths. We've seen some team performances. That are rewriting record books right now the colorado rockies who are very respectable twenty one and fourteen at home are five and twenty seven on the road that one fifty six win percentage would be the worst road record for any team in. Mlb history beating the nineteen thirty. Five boston braves. And we're only in the middle of june but the rangers orioles diamondbacks have all had losing streaks of at least fifteen games on the road. This season the first night mark has ever been reached by three teams in a single year and arizona. Especially my goodness. Struggled away from chase field. Their loss on monday in san francisco was their twentieth straight loss on the road. Just the fourth team to suffer that indignity and the first since nineteen sixty three mets along with the forty three philadelphia athletics. Only all time record with twenty two straight road losses. But on the other side after. Monday's win in chicago to tampa bay rays on a twenty four and ten mark on the road the best win percentage from an aol team since the one mariners tied a record with one hundred sixteen wins that season. We'll see teams get more comfortable in their hotels in the season. Second half was a big week in the big leagues so foul or is it fair and now from. Mlb bro dot com. Here's jr gamble jazz. Chisolm junior has been electrified fans as a rookie. Since opening day. He's been promoted as one of the new fresh faces of baseball with a combination of tools and charisma. That makes must see tv. But currently he's only in tenth place among national league's second baseman and the all star voting. Jr is it foul or fair to say that jazz should home. Junior is getting a raw deal. Fair ball jazz. Got the blue hair. He's got the stolen bases his co. Ps over eight hundred. We have named him over Be bro the bahamian blur. He's pure excitement. And just what. the game is looking for. Adam frazier in jeans. Agoura veterans day having great years hitting a high average but jazz with his eight home runs multiple digit steals. He definitely shouldn't be behind someone. Colton wrong in the national league voting for second basement systems on the base paths. The crowns get pumped. I seen him. He's very marketable. he's just what he's been waiting for. I have to blame the miami marlins franchise and derek jeeter for this kid. Not getting more votes. There's still unappealing to fans did not exciting. They are in last place last. I checked though. He had a little over seventy thousand votes in the leader. Ozzy obvious of the atlanta braves hitting sixteen points lower but he almost had three hundred thousand volts. I know there are other formidable candidates to play second base for master league in the two thousand twenty one all star game. But it's a tragedy that rookie jazz chips is not considered the top five second basement by the fans at this point and hopefully by the time seasons in the recognized their mistake or regardless stuffed ballot boxes a little maybe elevate his position but he has a long way to go into more money now. It's time for betting on the basis. With dave guess guy that money that money will be racing adler box here on a friday afternoon into the night time. I don't know what the hell's wrong with your new york yankees but they are laboring right now just two games over five hundred and they're gonna be slight underdogs against the oakland a.'s. But i will take the bronx bombers in this one. Take the yankees at home on the money. Line first pitch for them at seven. Oh five eastern dodgers right now will be in arizona. Diamondbacks arizona has been laboring the one of the worst teams in all major league. Baseball doesn't matter if they're sticky substance on his fingers or not. I'm thinking trevor bauer. And the dodgers are taking this. Once i got the brew crew and that affair in fact l take los angeles and the run line in this one as the victor other game. I want san diego padres at home. Chris paddocks on the bump paddocks. So far this season sub five hundred three and five of the year at four fourteen with the offense has been consistently good and of course the san diego padres had one of the better bullpens at all major league baseball little in the national league. I'm taking the padres. The dodgers and the new york yankees at home on friday. When rob was a newspaper columnist he lived by this motto. If i'm writing meridian let's bring in a writer. Broadcaster older new now. Let's welcome into the podcast. A longtime friend of mine. The great voice of the new york yankees on television the yes network. Of course he has a radio. Show the michael. Kay show in new york and he has a tv show called Center on the. Yes network. Mr michael kay. What's up my rob. How're you doing men doing great And for people who don't know mike. We cut our teeth in the newspaper. Business back in the eighties. We cover saint john's basketball together back in those days. Thank john's good. That's right watch. Jackson was on that team of you. Remember right oh yeah. The final four teams. No doubt but mike. Let's get to you. Have a new book. Which i'm excited to read. It's called centerstage my most fascinating interviews from a rod to jay z. Tell us about the book and why we should pick it up. Well i had a vocal cord surgery like two years ago. And i couldn't talk for six weeks so i was depressed from watching watching other people do my job so reading one of the books i read was howard. Stern comes again. Which was you know. He took snippets from a lot of the interviews. He's over the years on radio. And and you know you know just took out the best lines and i sort of thing. You know what we've done two hundred and forty interviews satter stage. The whole interviews are interesting. So i decided to take the thirty five best ones out of the two hundred and forty and then back stories leading in to the transcripts of the interviews like how the people were how to get them You know as a guest how they treated the people how they acted with me The back story and getting them as guest and You know there's some there's some really interesting stories that give you some insight on how people have evolved like you know. The part of the book rob yet interview was conducted in two thousand and three when he was at the texas rangers so it was kind of interesting to see some of his answers to some of the questions and you try to read between the lines and see if it foreshadowed anything that would have happened in the remainder of the next twenty years. So that that's what makes some of the interviews really really interesting. Yeah i can't wait. I've watched the show on the yes network and it sounds like it'll be fascinating especially with the people you have talked to but everybody knows your main gig is doing tv and doing the yankee games. Something that mike. I remember even when you were a reporter for the new york post. Always talking about what you wanted to do. You know and to have jal you had and now you're ready to might. This is my thirtieth year. It's not.

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