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Okay and harry truman when i when i started going there they didn't even have graduating class ship you know it was in a predominantly white area which is co op city and the school itself was new and built in coop city with the intention of the kids who were living in coop city to attend that school okay what my mother had to do was he act the girl friend of hers to if she could use her dress in the valley so that i can truman high school so i had the remember this address there really wasn't mind you know anytime thing you know i've had to remember on your cabinet met today but i remembered that you know i had to remember more like look this is the address be remember i'll let you don't want to write a dial with somebody right i got lighted down so the we're on it let me say that your mom was audit okay all were my my mother father had rules and versus you had to graduate everything you had to graduate high school you had to go to college you were coming in this house pregnant would know kids out of wedlock so to me that wasn't even you know a consideration that's like you know that was like wow i'd be in so what trouble with even thought in my mind okay so truman and that's where i think it really that was like the second phase from me so here i was in junior high school i was learning how to perform how to saying and do performances and now i'm going to truman and once i got the high school in my freshman year i joined the choir but their choir was nowhere close to the training i was used to junior high school.

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