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The roberts were wearing latex gloves the first robbery happened about four am at the car keenest bridge a second happened at about four p m at the baybridge morning on the roadways westbound 80 in vallejo an accident blocks your left lane right near tennessee street north 101 at vermont street in san francisco three to four cars involved in a wreck watch for glass debris in all the way into your left lane may still be blocked there that is north 101 at vermont street in san cisco also had an earlier hit and run south 101 at treat boulevard that vehicle pulled off to the side of the roadway and c h p still dealing with an accident westbound to thirty seven at northbound highway 1 oon the key is of a warning show continues known with brian says look kids breads us million for brian susman hope your mornings going well so far ours certainly is 705 year katie green afc kim mcallister in glad to have you here this morning it's always nice to talk to you in see how things are going aged kim added if you saw this story people are probably used to hearing about mountain lions and stuff like that yeah and in the hills above berkeley some hikers so i mountain lion and this things big i don't know what they're estimating the size but that they got on a game cam and this thing's large i mean this is they could take your head off you know edge part of me things he is a part of the course there we know there are around here right but am i can't imagine actually being there and seeing one right these guys are up on of doing some hiking and they spotted a mountain lion saturday prompting warnings individuals keep a sharp eye out for the sharp claus i guess we would say the two hiker saw the man blind 75 feet away they've seen several of them in the grisly peak area which they would more concern me by the name of the peak than the man lines i'd be more concerned by grizzlies they're just keep me away from there the recent mountain lion story that got to me was the woman on.

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