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Day calendar in line for that. It's going to be busy. 9 43 Check the roadways. Now. Laurie Grandi is watching you and the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the freeze. Well, let me first check with my day calendar, but I do see some work crews out there right now South on for 95. Of its construction crews once again today, and I would pass them yesterday there right by River Street Behavioral and it is actually very slow getting past them. So just keep that in mind. It is on the South bound side, which is good news. If you're on the North bound side, you're not seeing those delays right now. North on Expressway, in fact, has been a great ride all morning long. Just a lot of volume there between Savin Hill in Columbia Road, but not really jamming up anywhere, which is nice. But when the Cape we are seeing some delays, Route six East and westbound, first off the westbound side, its construction slowdowns. Traffic jam for two miles approaching Route six. Es on the eastbound side. You're gonna find that a bit heaviest. Well between 1 34 in 1 24 how west of town on 1 90 North bound. Watch out for delays. A couple of lanes have been taken up with work crews by Air Arad Street and also on 93 93 south on looks good. Actually, from New Hampshire border all the way into town. The lever connector is moving well. So's the lower death A Tobin in good shape for us right now, but the North bound side of 93 There's a lane taking up just over the border in Salem, New Hampshire, by Rockingham Park Boulevard. So keep that in mind, Laurie granted leave easy's traffic on the three. What's nicer today? Bright sunshine now starting to poke through the clouds here in Boston, where you've got 82 degrees, and we'll be in the mid to upper eighties today, but the humidity.

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