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The parent or legal guardian if the young person is under fifteen I'm Joe Ramsey well there's a good reason why you shouldn't abbreviate the year twenty twenty on certain paperwork correspondent John stillness explains in a Facebook post the east Millinocket police department in Maine is warning against eating any checks or other forms with the abbreviation twenty as shorthand for the year twenty twenty because using the abbreviation is an invitation for fraud officials say shortening it to twenty makes it easier for scammers to add the number nineteen to the end of it making it look like the year two thousand nineteen and then claiming you're late on a payment or haven't met an obligation that was due last year they say that even though it's a time saver to use the number twenty it's a better idea to write out the entire year I'm John sold six ten till robber workman has sports NFL wild card weekend pretty good for the visiting teams they won three out of the four games nearly got the sweep Sunday in the NFC the Vikings done the same twenty six twenty in overtime Minnesota went out to a ten point lead on a couple of Dalvin cook rushing touchdowns before New Orleans came back with two fourth quarter scores a twenty yard TD toss from drew Brees to taste of hell then well let's go to the tying field goal from forty nine yards out with two seconds left but he's got the ball first in overtime occur cousins drove them seventy five yards in nine plays looping out for your best to call Rudolph in the corner of the end zone to win it and certainly not with a controversial non call by the officials for interference no no no that wouldn't happen in New Orleans what it for two years in a row maybe they all stop the eagles seventy nine and the other game a touchdown run from Marshawn Lynch of fifty three yard TD pass from Russell Wilson the decay Metcalf the critical play though midway through the first quarter when you're dating Clowney tackled eagles quarterback Carson Wentz their helmets collided wince also hit his head on the turf and he was put in the concussion protocol for the rest of the evening unlike past seasons when backup Nick Foles saved Phillies cream cheese in the playoffs the job what the forty year old Josh McCown his first playoff appearance in seventeen NFL seasons he was able to drive in the three field goals but he couldn't get him in the ends up Saturday in the AFC the Titans upset the patriots twenty to thirteen Derrick Henry rushed for a hundred eighty two yards and a touchdown the Tennessee defense but the claims on the defending champs offense shutting them out in the second half Texas trip the bills twenty two nineteen in overtime is again that seemed like nobody wanted to when it finally came down to okay you mean Fairbairn field goal in overtime to win it so the next will be the divisional round Saturday we'll start with the end of the match up of the Vikings at the forty Niners for thirty five eastern on NBC followed by the a FC also a one seat against the sixty the Titans at the ravens kick off at eight fifteen on CBS Sunday the other AFC game leads it off Texans and chiefs of three oh five eastern on C. B. S. and we can conclude with the Seahawks at the Packers in the NFC six forty start on fox off the field the cowboys officially say Jason Garrett will not return as head coach word coming a week after their season ended in after Dallas interview Mike McCarthy and Marvin Lewis for Garrett's job college football next Monday the big one the college football playoff title game Ellis you in Clemson in New Orleans NBA Sunday clippers chase the next one thirty five one thirty two mantras Cheryl had thirty four points Lou Williams at thirty two as did Paul George first time in franchise history the clubs at three thirty point scores Lakers beat the pistons one of six ninety nine lebron James had a triple double LA block twenty shots eight of them by Anthony Davis to go along with his twenty four points he Grizzlies and timber wolves were all winners college basketball number twelve Michigan lost at number fourteen Michigan state eighty seven sixty nine Cassius Winston with a career high thirty two for the Spartans they've beaten their rivals from an order in the last four times they've met NHL sunny capital shocked the sharks five four in overtime soon as they got a hattrick from Evander Kane and an empty net goal from Logan could tour with one minute left for a four two lead but the cavs road with goals from Jakob Rana and TJ Oshie to force take and Lars eller one at two minutes into extra time Panthers lightning flames ducks and Blackhawks also winners on Sunday that's Monday sport all right six still will your twenty twenty go to waste when American morning returns after these messages and Capital One you can open a new savings account in about five minutes and earn five times the national average thank.

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