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You Love Pretzel Eminem but your favorite Jeremiah Walk into meat and candy. What am I what's my process? Once you have a Charleston chew man. Those are what I call Hashtag big swings. You were big skittles. The final Jeremiah pretty well liked breads laments the ones that are really really hard to find most grocery store and then he likes to go back in time maybe time she put him in the freeze for the future people puts on a monocle and slowly sucks on a Charleston Jeremiah that I know wanting to eat a candy that you only see footage of people eating that candy on micro like something that would have run before a game buster Keaton movie yeah somebody nobody is my Johnson over here. Charleston is that the dams chew it is. It's a place to dance yeah going for. What are you into my favorite? What's your weakness <hes> butterfinger? I was right in the shape and Lane S._N._l.. Right in the girth the GIRTH SCANDI part. I'm just saying I put out a C.. Chew I put out Butterfinger Yeah and I turn off the lights right. Good luck good luck. You're gonNA use that you tell me where you actually put in your mouth. That'd be honest okay. I don't know the lights went out. Did you put a candy bar in your mouth. Choose something else. I don't know the lights went out now. The lights went out. Can you can't tell test here like your captive and you're like I'm going to turn out the lights. There's two candy bars on the table. I'm also standing right here. You choose what you'RE GONNA. Put in your mouth okay now. I'm not going to judge but as soon as lights come back on tell me you putting your waited for six months and it was really looking like we were GonNa get physical and that was how I gave tests. Look if you're feeling like something's GonNa bubble up in happen. I'm also in the room. There's also something that is. There's an option C. in here. My Dick is about the size of issue. That's a very long thin marshmallow dick now. There's going to be some stuff on the table able to the lights are going to be out. There might be a rapper. There might be one without or I can't stress enough twenty nine thousand nine. This is a consensual data at totally. I signed a waiver. Even repeat who doesn't exist is saying if you choose my day is also here yeah. He doesn't say he says I'm here. GotTa be careful with the Riyadh twenty nine hundred if twenty nine in twenty twenty-eight. We're going to look back on twenty nine hundred and you can read you could just stay things out of your mouth. Having a pre written in twenty twelve you could have yeah that'd be nineteen and you've got kind of look around a little better time for the guitar riff. Police are out to get you turns out there the regular police so you love butter fighting a lot of butter fingers good snickers. I love sour or things like sour patch kids yeah the chill the the the Cherry Gumy's Cherry gummy. They're shaped like Cherries Katie. Yeah we are those sour. No those are just so I was staying thing in Sour. Oh you're saying soured town and if you're in the brain crawlers good yeah sour bright crawlers the worms don't care for this. I call that garbage Candy Val loves the Garbage Candy. She loves those peach. Your taste you taste garbage.

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