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Well how how old were you when you when you were doing all this god so i was eighteen going on nineteen i be on the phone for a bit before that but i was i was at university wasn't really taking to have that while wasn't having a great time and so by most people who who are in that situation i kind of lost myself in online groups forum's activities and you're the dow was a really a kinda like it it was refreshing to find people who throw the same way that i did about things and were talking about things in the same way that i did so even though some of them rubik rough around the edges and it was a very how to match our environment in one sense it was also like you just don't really have that kind of discussion anywhere else and so yoad despite all of us roles i kept going back to it i i don't think i've ever actually told the any sort of audience this but i used to be on the i am db forums quite a lot when i was probably like late middle school early high school and that was a that was a terrible place they have since cleanse this so i'm free to talk about nobody can find this anymore the i am deby forums they're gone from existence which is a shame in some regards but in another regard there are also trash i i feel like any any kind of online grew to become sufficiently large to descend into complete chaos after otto very long yeah the i'd probably and i used to ice to play these these like roleplaying games where there'd be a writer that was telling a story and you would be a playbook character in the store and you'd have like choices and you make choices throughout the the thing and i actually wrote one myself that ended up being like a two hundred page harmful.

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