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CBS news update on that paper at two thirty traffic that we had on the school seventy six eastbound cleared out got out of there very quickly traffic is now moving with her all the way down there glad winter thirtieth street station in a bind once again ninety five is looking good S. is the vine expressway itself to Coney palmar bridge the sidewalks remain closed to pedestrian use for the remainder of the evening then okay Dr that is closed to all motor vehicle traffic keeping it that way till further notice for social distancing rules and heading over into New Jersey lot of construction going on overnight two ninety five south in mount Holly from just before exit forty five just before exit forty three two right lanes are closed till six AM also forty two in both directions between exit fourteen creek road in Bellmawr two ninety five that is going closures to early morning text update less than ten minutes one of the twenty I'm Jeff bash the corona virus pandemic what you need to know from KYW newsradio to septa workers have died from corona virus transit workers local two thirty four president Willie brown tells KYW newsradio the one of those employees worked at the south Philly depot the other death was in Elmwood trolley depot worker in southwest Philadelphia they're the first to sept eight deaths related to cope with nineteen.

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