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Today we're GONNA. Talk about how buyers protect themselves and their business case in an emanate transaction identity. Then I'm doing well. How are you doing well? Can you maybe kick off with just a little bit about your role NCR? So I am a senior manager in corporate development at NC are I've been here for about two and a half years I'm on a small team that focuses on executing leaderships, inorganic strategy at NC are so great, my job between two categories, really pipeline, management and execution. So unlike many other corporate development roles. My job definitely does not focus as much as deal sourcing. He'll come to US via bankers or or strategic plans developed by leadership team members, so with that, said my job around pipeline management is really managing the relationships with those bankers, and and working with those leadership members to really identify what we want to buy or what we want to sell as part of their overall growth strategy, and then on the deal execution side were talking more internal processes coordinating Adila Jen's. Jen's and any type of follow for post closing is what kind of deals have you worked on? Yeah, so before NPR worked in investment banking and I did working for development at a different firm as well before NC are so I have some advisory experience as well as some corporate development experience at a different firm, but NPR's been the most active you know role that I played on in terms of. 'em In a, and and here at NC. Are you know we've announced a couple of deals? I've been here, but couple that I would. Highlight is St- stock with acquisition and way twenty eighteen are jet aquisition. Twenty eighteen or three acquisition in twenty, nineteen and our. Acquisition in late twenty nineteen, so all those are acquisitions and. My my parents definitely is more around the acquire inside of the deal versus divest or even merger, technically Jay was a merger as a public deal, but even then it was still in the structure of an acquisition was like the hardest thing for you..

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