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smashed together and we bring it to you now so thinking about what to talk about today the news has pretty much been the same for two weeks but there were a few big picture seen setting stories this week but the democratic party that i thought we could dig in into a little bit so both of them ran over the weekend the new york times headline is as trump consolidates power democrats confront a rebellion in their ranks on scary and the washington post headline is a bad week for democrats gives rise to a big problem outrage could become an obstacle in midterms so the lead of the washington post one is in the washington post michael share and the new york times was jonathan martin alex burns so the leader of the washington post is growing liberal agitation over title supreme court retirement and a simmering crisis about immigrant child separation have left democratically you're scrambling to keep the political outrage they'd counted onto fuel midterm election wins from become being a liability for the party now there's a few things conflicted in these stories there's questions about ideology there's questions about strategy and tactics and there's russians about tone and message let's start with ideology are either of you concerned that the democratic party is moving too far to the left on any issues dan will start with you know i'm not love it no i answer to you is no okay the love it you can elaborate the premise of these stories their of their genre stories have existed for as long as democrats have been power out of power and they are called denzel array stories which means we are panicking things are all screwed up and in a sense they are because we control nothing so i don't know what they're worried got us blowing but we can nothing ideology wise i think two things one we have good candidates running racist specific to their districts in states in its different whether it is alexandria cossio cortes or someone running here in california ten or better or work in texas what is more the the line that runs through the the best campaigns in the best candidates is not an ideology it has been authenticity people who are running authentic and passion and races that people can feel it doesn't feel like politics as usual second this i think that both of these stories and i think as we all the different categories particularly audiology are using a outdated way of thinking about politics donald trump ran a entirely anti ideological campaign to win he was both conservative and liberal populist he was corporatised all the things and to try to treat this like it is the nineteen ninety-two healthcare battle didn't understand politics in this day and age i think you're right on the ideology thing like this idea that is so ingrained in it's not just punditry and reporting i think there are people within the democratic party strategists pollsters ex politicians current politicians who also have the same concern sometime they think about this like imagine midwestern voter and this midwestern voter when he or she used the term medicare for all or federal jobs guarantee your debt free college edge or something like that secondly they think oh that is way too far to the left on the spectrum for me and i'm not that far left on the spectrum and i don't think that comports with any reality that we've seen in the last couple of elections especially like you said it dan in donald trump is president these are ideas that pole oh well right these are ideas that have broad based appeal medicare for all has broad based appeal universal college universal pre-k the so-called radical liberal ideas that are that are pulling the party too far to the left these are simple elegant political solutions that people can understand and rally hind and the idea that there's somebody who would vote democrat but then thinks oh that's too much pre k. too many kids getting pre k. for me one of the silver linings from from donald trump when is that it should liberate us from worrying about both electability and how each let's see position is going to play in various districts if you don't like medicare for all because you think a policy it may not work well if you think a certain policy z. cost too much money and you'd rather spend that money on something else all these that's on a substantive level if you're a candidate running and you don't agree with totally get that do not don't let yourself get stuck in the trap of worrying about whether policy is going to pull.

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A new story from Lovett or Leave It

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