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Is called mark belling dining club dot com go there no alert about the pasta tree which is a spectacular restaurant that has been around forever because it as that extremely loyal clientele that love the place bulic good oldfashioned ed adventurous italian food both pasta tree boy that's going to be arrested of the week in the dining club to complete the thought that i had earlier about the foxconn decision which is going to be announced thursday after dude according to information that i have obtained at the milwaukee art museum this line that appears at a caliban the newspaper over the weekend by david haines in which he starts ringing his hands already suggesting that wisconsin he's going to be overpaying quote the number of jobs this is what he writes the number of jobs he's not the only factor the quality and he puts that italics the quality of those jobs how much they pay in wages and benefits is a critical detail so what are your suggesting that the only tie we ever try to subsidize that economic development is if it's billionaires like the players for the bucks there's value in developments like that i grant you but there's also value in terms of not only human life and human existence a quality of life for the people who work at the syllogies like this this is how you jump or rejected this notion that some jobs are sufficiently don't have enough quality to be be worth trying to pursue as i say is toxic now about the political element of this governor walker is rightly going to be able to take credit for what we've got going on with fox god and he but if we hadn't gotten foxconn the fact that we were in the hunt for it shows how much things have changed in several years of walker being the governor of the republicans running the wisconsin legislature for thirty years the economic development stories of wisconsin or about all of the businesses that were leaving we had a national reputation as a terrible place to do business companies not only left for a variety of reasons including the fact that.

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