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Tweets all right dave bleacher tweets for a mundy. We've got a couple of years some good questions. We got andrew. Stout i at thomas. Ac stout injure rates in so adam wainwright is tied for the second most wins and major league baseball second most innings pitched in an er a under three. Oh and he turns forty before his next start. Is he slipping. I guess maybe ascending into the gushing slipping is a bad word there. I'm so excited. First of all taylor to answer bleacher tweets. This is very fun. So adam wainwright no-doubt unbelievable year guy who kind of looked at the end of line two or three years ago. Is cy young contender. I wouldn't go that far. I'd say maybe he might get some back in fourth or fifth place but if you look at some of the numbers he's only thirteenth in the national league war he's tenth and era. There's so many nfl starters. Having great years you know that wainwright still is beyond me walker dealers. Probably the leader at this point you know He's thirteen and two two point. Oh to right. no doubt. He's the favourite may be corporate burns. Brandon woodruff kevin. Gaas men. max scherzer see. This is where it's waiting majlis avenue unbelievable years so adam wainwright not really a ending tender there. You have it todd. Alec pratt at todd. Seven writes in craig. Kimbrel has given up five earned runs and two home runs all season for teams. That are not the cubs. He's given up six earned runs and three home runs to a bad cubs team. Have you ever seen a dominant player get traded mid season and struggled so badly against his old team type pratt. I assume that's not the time pratt to play for the mets back. In the day that one would take some research to give you a good answer. My response here is yet craig kimbrel and liam hendriks have both been scuffling a little bit when they made that trade. We kind of expect they would have this absolute dominant one to bullpen punch at dinner. The games and i think a lot of people when they acquired kimbrel automatically made the white sox the favourite to come out of the but so far they have not been a dominant do also. That's something to watch for the white sox september can hendrix kimbro. Get back on track heading into the playoffs. But yeah then. He struggle against the cubs since trade. The topic is made for podcasts. Or radio it's like the white sox have closer problem. What's tony larussa gonna do. Hopefully i. it's interesting because we always evaluate these trades. The day they happen at the deadline that one out everybody thought absolute great trade for the white sox kimbrel had been. He'd been the best closer in baseball the first half with the cubs and he hasn't been that with the white sox doesn't mean we get october doesn't pitch twelve scoreless innings but it's a little bit of a concern for chicago right. Now let's go to andrew campbell at real cam. True andrew rates in if the yankees. Just keep on winning. Is there any chance. Garrett cole sneaks in at the very end and steals the al cy young award. He's thirteen and six so far. Two hundred strikeouts. What's his second in major league baseball in his era since at two point eight all while pitching in the al east. Well andrew count weird question. Because i think it's always been garrett cole and lance lynn sort of in one spot all year for the al cy young but now lens had a couple rough outings lately. Ziara which was in the low twos is up to five nine. So i think cole is the favorite right. Now he leaves the al and graphs war. Two point eight zero er a to me. He's the number one guy. So i don't think he's sneaking up at anybody. The guy who might be sneaking up is robbie ray. He's only nine and five but two seven to your a tough strikeouts. He's on a roll So i think kohl's the favourite i think robbie ray is number two right now and lance. Lynn is probably down the number. Three with nathanael volley few like war. He's kind of a dark horse Coal in war. Bobby meacham at bobby meacham. One rates giancarlo. Stanton has been on a tear at the plate since about the same time. He started playing games in the outfield. Do we know who was behind the decision not to play the field. All these months was at standing or the yankees. Yeah it's a good question. Another former player. Writing in bobby meacham up and coming superstar for the yankees in the eighties. That's a good question you know yes. Stanton did not play his first game in the outfield. Until i believe july thirtieth the first game anthony. Rizzo played with the team. This make you wonder. Is there correlation. Here that stan has started hitting since he's been playing the field. I don't know look obviously. They were to try to preserve his health. But you gotta let these guys play stanton always a pretty good defensive outfielder with the marlins so he's not gonna hurt the team out there. I think getting them in the field is helped and last one for today. Pk steinberg our friend writes in. Honestly what's tampa bay's secret freaking sauce. And why can't the pirates orioles rockies etc emulate and replicated their small market team with huge market success in a scoff at the angels dodgers and padres and yankees. What is it for you dave. Well how much time do we have to go into this. No the key to the raise. One organizational depth. They draft. Well they develop well both in the states and latin america and the key of course is the rapid turnover of the roster. They'll trade a player not as he's entering his final year before free agency but two or three years before he hits free agency which means they get a lot more in return. You know if a player has a career year though flip you know and get more younger players in return like. I don't think it's probably easier to be a fan of the race because you're always learning new players but that churn of the roster they make it work it takes a lot of guts to trade young players coming off good years but they're not afraid to do that and they basically have been competitive now since two thousand eight it. It's hard to pull off with their resources. They've done it and they continue to do it. They're gonna win that division. I'm over here. you can hear now. The world small violin for playing for tampa fans because they have to learn new player names who was not the best way to phrase that they they do a great job finding relievers kind of out of nowhere. They i hate to give credit to the front office is it's the players who would lose games. But it's more cohesiveness throughout the organization. And i know when i talked to raise players. They buy in completely and they know who's gonna be spending six years in tampa bay there no at some point. They're going to get traded. But somehow kevin cash and the coaching staff front office get complete absolute by in on what. They're trying to do there. And it works pretty jelly over here. Thanks.

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