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But a florida can't get pressure. This game's over the other injury here to monitor is the status eventual miller. He's florida starting linebacker. He is the the leader the quarterback of the defense. He's dealing with an elbow injury. It sounds like to me. Todd unless you have differing information that he's not necessarily trending in the right direction as of but will we will have to keep our eye on that from now. It didn't sound like there was a high level of optimism because if you read some of the quotes that were there they were trying to figure out who could assume their responsibilities. And that's not something. You're doing early in the week if you're optimistic. That kind of caliber of player from a leadership standpoint is going to be out there so i think it's the save assumption to make as we sit here on wednesday. We know things will change a four kickoff on saturday. Eventual miller won't be out there for the game against alabama. And you raise them real interesting points. They're talking about the boomer. Bust mentality for florida. And i almost think that that's the kind of approach you have to take into alabama. Because if you're going to play the bend but don't break defense against the crimson tide. You know you're going to be able to slow them down for a limited period of time so if you create those plays force at turnover two. That's a gamble. You're willing to take knowing at the risk of giving up a seventy yard explosive. Play over the top always looms in the back of your mind. One thing for me paying that. I'm curious to see in. This game can alabama at their ground game on track. I mean you talked about their offensive line issues in pass blocking. But i wasn't blown away with their effort against miami trying to establish brian robinson who is expected to be the next great in a long line of alabama bax. So let's see if they can create some balance on that side of the ball. Meanwhile for florida. I think both you and i have some skepticism about emory jones. Coming into the year a lot of people called him a darkhorse heisman candidate. And that's probably credit more to dan mullen than emory skillset. Suddenly we have anthony richardson. Who goes out there. And has eleven carries for two hundred and seventy five yards including an eighty are run. Usf but richardson was injured. News relatively optimistic. He was out of practice about his availability and a hamstring. And in my opinion pain. When you look at this florida offense. You don't have that same level of skill position town in a kyle. Pit cadaverous tony a trust so. I think having that change up at the quarterback position between emory between richardson knowing. They have to get the ball. Jacob copeland goes a long way if they're gonna keep alabama stop unit off bounds. I think you're spot on. Although i don't know yeah is it. Emory jones is an anthony. Richardson is it a mix of both. What's the rotation and snap percentage look like they are stylistically at this point very similar. Whoever the quarterback is. I think it's pretty clear this bama's best defense and couple years even without christopher allen. Who's that that'll be a big loss here. Not just on the production side of things. But he was kind of the leader. And you're going into a hostile environment. Sometimes you know you give up a big player to the the calming effect that the defense needs so. Let's see if he's missed that way. Florida i don't know what they are. Offensively it's really interesting to me. They're bama has dominated early in games with their starters on the field giving up less than three yards per play in the first half this year that taken a lot of starters off the field in the second half obviously that metric includes the mercer data. Point where bama held them to less than one and a half yards per play again pretty impressive dominating inferior opponents can still help project and alabama's defense has done that. We thought the unit was improved. We've gotten confirmation through two games that had has. Let's see what dan mullen comes up with. His best attribute is scheming and designing an offense right calling place. Everything else has gone man. This is what he does and if you listen to his presser is basically said all week. He's told anyone who wants to listen that he's held things back for this game. I'm not sure those new elements look like or if emory jones can even execute them. But let's see. And the issue that we saw with. Emory jones coming into the year was that it was a massive downgrade from trask. Inaccuracy last year. Fifty three percent of emory jones throws were accurate through two games against one defense outside the top one hundred and efficiency in the other one barely inside the top fifty. Emory jones been accurate on fifty five percent of his throats. And you mentioned richardson. Gator fans are clamoring for. ar fifteen. He looks like he's built in a lab and he's a big boy he's he's sprint and ten yards doing backflips and you know he can run. He can throw the ball a country mile. He dropped a couple of times last week. there's a thrower he was running. Laugh jumped in through like thirty nine yards in the air to copland. And it's like you know he looks like patrick mahomes. But when you look at all the throws and not just the highlights in the wild place forty five percent accuracy. Accuracy rate through two games hasn't done a lot of passes small sample. But you know we we see the highlights and we obviously know the ceiling with richardson's far greater than with emory jones. But you have to be precise against album. Right knowing the passers that that emory and richardson of kind of shown to be at this point florida's got in the early down battle. Because if you think. Emory jones is beating nick sabin from third and six. Plus you have another coming bama has done a great job. Stuffing run special in early downs. Twenty five percent stuff right through two games have done well creating havoc with both the front seven and their defensive backs. But i think this game's pretty simple if you're watching at home. What's the third down marker. Say and fortunately because this is an on espn three espn plus. You're actually be able to see. Cbs let's hope they got the down markers working. And so if you're watching this and it's third and five or less and florida is bypassing a good number of third downs. They'll have a chance to stay within the number if not alabama's gonna win by three or four scores. The positive also for alabama is the opposite on the injury. Front right will anderson status just an absolute pressure monster. He is trending in the right direction that the injured b serious. Expect them back at practice today. Josh job in in our more davis both return to practice already so alabama a little bit healthier on the defensive side of the balls while you seen anything on the total for this game. I mean this feels like the element is high variants in terms of trying to assess value in the betting market as the side is years while i haven't but obviously dan mullen has proven to have some success against alabama's defense in the past with some of the things he does but as you alluded to at the top right you know. Tony isn't walking through. That door pitches and walking through that door. Trask isn't walking through that door. And so a lot of this is going to be on. Emory jones to be inaccurate passer. Sure we have seen mobile quarterbacks give savings defense from troubles in the past but all those guys could also throw right. When you think about the johnny manziel they could throw the ball. Emory jones hasn't proven that he's a consistent enough passer. And so if you're in alabama defense who's got thirty seven analysts when you kind of come up with a game plan here. It's going to stop. The legs of the quarterbacks i in turn them into passers second right that that's at school. It's what's going to happen here so from that perspective. I'm not quite sure how florida's going to move. The ball. Offensively as as dan mon alluded to. Maybe there's a surprise here. Maybe there's something on film that he has not shown yet means bend in the sec. He's been an offensive mine for fifteen years. So i don't know what those things could be. Obviously you come up with new elements in the off season every year but in at this point we kind of know it. Dan mullen is offensively. I don't know if he's got the horses to kind of pick. Alabama part like they did last year and then from the other perspective is. Let's see what alabama's offense is. If pressure is on there could be some boomer bus plays. They're dutch just.

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