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What will you create today? Debbie millman is joined today by very very special guest of bad as fuck feminist woman. This professor editor social commentator writer internet gangster. Fellow Haitian American Roxane gay. So. Wanna bring MS Debbie millman and MS Roxanne gates to the stage. Welcome to on air fest. Y'all. That was a pretty bad as interview, I was I feel super introduced. And. Yeah, I'm an internet gangster on Twitter. Well, actually, I think that the gangster part Mike go a little bit further back. I understand that in your high school yearbook. There's a note from girl who wrote I like, you even though you are very mean. So we're you really mean in high school. Why? No idea what you're talking about. Yes. No. I wasn't. I was really shy and awkward, but apparently my memory of myself and people's memories of me are very different things. And I do remember probably my sophomore year or so I developed a mean streak, and it wasn't bullying or anything like that. But if I had something biting to say, I said it I had no filter. You remember any of the more biting things, you might have done. No. I don't think God absolve myself of all of those sins conveniently so I don't remember what I said. Now, you've stated that in many ways like ability is very elaborate lie of performance a code of conduct dictating the proper way to be left to our own devices. Do you think that we're all really diabolical deep down inside Roxanne? I hope so. I genuinely hope so no, I don't think we're all diabolical deep down inside. But I think we have imperfections and dark MRs inside of us and some of us are better at hiding them than others. But I never trust. Anyone who seems perfect and incredibly likeable and incredibly nights? I always just think what's going on under there. So all of the HGTV hose. Anyone who appears on a hallmark channel movie, Kelly Ripa? Yes, I just think no offense to Kelly. We love her. No, just whenever I see these people in this performance of niceness. I just think my God, you are probably the cruelest person alive. And so I think it's more healthy when we at least knowledge those parts of ourselves, and I think maturity is knowing when to release that and when not to and so hopefully, I have since high school matured at least a bit except on Twitter. A what? What are you trying to say we'll get to that? You quoted Lionel Shriver in an essay for the financial times about the notion of liking, and he states this liking business has two components moral approval, and defection, and I'm wondering how much do you feel the need for the approval of others? Oh, I feel great deal like any good self loathing writer. All I want is approval. I think it comes from being Catholic and oh, yeah. And just like expecting the priests to listen to your confessions. And then hopefully telling you, oh, you did fewer sins this week. Good job. I never heard. But no, I do I think like many people care too much about what other people think and seek the approval of others, which is one of the reasons I think I worked so hard. It's just thinking. Okay. My finally good enough. Am I finally doing enough to earn my keep in this world? Do you think you'll ever feel that it isn't it? I would like to think so. But I don't know has it changed as you've gotten more successful the more successful. I get the less successful. I feel why. Because I keep moving the bar for myself. I keep telling myself, oh, this is not enough or that was luck. Or that was a fluke, and I never really allow myself to enjoy any accolade or rest on my laurels. So to speak, not even for a moment..

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