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He almost spent two forty reservations in thirty seven days of motorcycle trip. I actually wanted to context realize that before we start this segment by playing the video of his there so he has witnessed reservations in person. And it'll be on our. I open for us video please. This is an exploration of the american heart. What was beating in their hearts. Woodrow them to do what they did in their lives. Much of it actually. We can never find but in spirit we can touch these diamond. Since the world awaits saad gurus next. Move and gentlemen. He's awesome and he's gone ladies and gentlemen side guru. We are so honored ten so humble this year president. Welcome to turtle island. That is a lucked that modern societies need to pick up from engines whose id's they existed here not as exploiters of land but as landed south beautiful words. Touch my heart. Thank you very much mating. Conversing understanding and bill projecting the image of native american people in a positive and relevant way to the rest of the world. This is the mission. I love that. You're bringing the wisdom khanates of american people into the public high because connecting to the earth right now connecting back to nature seems more important than ever presents. You my friend not for me. It's coming from this. mountainous creator. news are the most sacred to us so strong. Talking about ecology is a science that will never work call it big mound arc as it was for the indigenous people. Here that hart was one dimension that really wanted to present to the world. That's the reason why. I'm meeting on the comedians medicine. Men and other so that they express themselves clearly. Data message is not of the past is most relevant research..

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