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Going back in time things that happened on this date in sports history a light docket. In fact, I'm going to start with the birthday. This date. 1963 Happy birthday, Todd Benzinger from Dayton, Kentucky, A happy 58 to the guy who got the final hour of the 1990 World Series played nine major league seasons. He was drafted by the Red Sox out of New Richmond High School in 1981. This day, 1973 the Philadelphia 70 Sixers lose their 20. Their 20th straight game. 1982. The Cardinals complete one of the best trades ever acquiring future Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith from the San Diego Padres for shortstop Garry Templeton. This date 1990. Greatest upset in sports history question. Mark James Buster Douglas knocks out Mike Tyson to win the world heavyweight boxing championship. And this day 2016 the NFL upholds the three game suspension of Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict for his unnecessary roughness penalty for hitting a defenseless Antonio Brown. And their playoff matchup at Paul Brown Stadium. All of that happening on this date in sports history. This date, Mike Tyson was a 40 See, Buster Douglas was a 42 to 1 underdog. Fighting in Tokyo, the Tokyo Dome greatest upset in sports history. No, I think I put it in my top four or five. I've told this story before, but quickly. It's one of those. You never forget where you were moments. I was. I was in a suit and tie ready to walk up onto the set to do the 11 20 sports in South Bend on WSB T on this date 31 years ago, they had just wrapped up the weather. Also vestry through it to commercial they set up next Lance has your sports and as I'm walking up onto the set, I sit down and I put in my eye F b the ear piece in my producer. My good friend Dean Turkle says, Listen to me, listen closely. He was I okay, buddy? I got a story for you. I'm like, Oh, here we go. He says Mike Tyson just got beat. I'm like, what are you talking about? He says Buster Douglas just beat Mike Tyson. He knocked him out in the 10th round. You've got a new lead. So I came out of the break and that was our lead story that night, breaking at the moment 10th round Buster Douglas knocks him down in the iconic scene of Taison, fumbling, grasping mouthpiece out trying to put one hand on the rope to pull himself up, couldn't get up in his ruled out and loses the invincible 37 a no Mike Tyson with 37 knockouts until this state 31 years. Go. I would put I put the Olympics Miracle on ice number one. As the greatest upset in sports. I would put 16 seed Maryland Baltimore County's upset of number one seed Virginia and the NC double a tournament A couple of years ago. 16 seeds had been Oh, For and 1 35 in tournament history. But that too I would put Buster Douglas over Mike Tyson three and I would put no. You know what I'd put Leicester City. Off the Premier Li get number three. They defy 5001 odds to win the Premier League five years ago, And then I put Buster Douglas over Mike Tyson. Those would be my top four. I might put AP State beating Michigan in week one of the college football season about who, how many years ago that would have been around 2007 or so And I would, of course, put the Reds 1990 world Syria's sweep of the Oakland A's talk to put the red door and I got some on Twitter. Who said Villanova upsetting Georgetown. Villanova was, Yeah, they were an eight seed, but they still I mean, they made their way through the tournament that year in 84 to get to the title game. They didn't come out of nowhere just to jump into the championship game. I'll give you a while giving an old school one. This would have been somewhat mid eighties or so. Virginia was number one in the country with Ralph Sampson and they were playing in Hawaii. I think it Christmas or it may be Christmas Eve New Year's Eve, and they played in Hawaii against division to Shaman. Odd and Shaman Odd beat the number one team in the country, and Ralph Sampson, the Virginia Cavaliers. I put that they might make my top 10. There we go. All right back to the phones. We gotta round out this list. We're doing a ring of honor. It looks like according to leaked or accidentally exposed a tweet yesterday that the Bengals a released contemplating a ring of honor, And I said, Well, heck, and let's work on what the initial class of four would look like. Four because forced tough three z z four. You can only do for that stuff because there's some pretty good ones at number 56 and seven on a potential list. How about here in the Sea and Indiana? Andy? What do you got for me? A lamp. A little plate of my signal holds up. Yeah. A communion First girl, Anderson, Ken Riley. From right from them Crumb around the honorable honorable mention. Now, whoever meant yes. Horrible mentioned has to be von Bell for a sit on juju Smith Schuster a couple months ago. Feelers have that that that clearly elevates him in the eyes of a lot of fans in terms of his place in this history that a hit, we will never forget. Yes. What's that? A dozen times? I love it. Hey, thanks for calling. Have a have a great night. I'm looking we we have are clear three. And as as I thought, the splits coming at four. We've got Moon Joo's. We've got Anderson. We've got Paul Brown and then we've got a decent split and a break up. For our fourth spot. Let's go here, Kenny. Welcome to sports talk. And how you doing last? Good. How are you? I'm good. I'll take the first for you. Do you see it? About Isaac Curtis. Oh, yes. I can't believe nobody's mentioned. You're the actress one dimension. Isaac Curtis and they're back at Bob Trumpy Trump. All right, And then there Oh, Hand. Ross Dan Ross getting some love. Okay, that's it. Excellent. You're the man. Thank you. All right, You have a great night and and just off of that call, Let's go. Old school caller mentioned Phil Samp. Last caller mentioned Dan Ross. How about a combo and radio form will go back to throw looks fires into the end zone. Touchdown. The damn Ross Dam Ross, right down the middle again when over the way from William's son. The teammates of his mob in down.

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