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It wasn't really Jones they wanted a review initially saying no than saying yes I think you got it right we a lot of stuff to talk about onside kicks their car going tosses a busy day for my prayer now normally joins a ten thirty made a lot of stuff going on today's we got him in ten fifteen make sure you follow me on Twitter at my prayer any judges courtesy of the my guess I hi Mike how you guys doing just listening to that they were so mad at me I mean I was at the in Dallas of doing the rams cowboys game and and the time frame of the two games of the same at the end and so I'm not paying attention or cowboys game I'm I'm watching the forty niner games yeah my producers yell at me pay attention our game I can't I should the miners this but this is the game and then then there's a there's a review is a big tent I don't know you know I mean it was not so not so so so what's your take on the Hooper play and Julio play Mikey well the the first one to me I looked at that one about man I'm not sure that there's enough to overturn it because you know these gloves now the ball's kicked to the gloves it seems so he's got firm grip so you have a firm grip on the ball the ball hits the ground but Dan member comes off the ball to ask till after he lifted it off of the ground and then it came loose so I I thought actually they might stay with that one it's one of those one of those that's really close at and I think being by the you know so if you look at it real time I'm not sure what real time does in terms of a ball coming loose after it hits the ground but you know I I about one to me he was a little bit more if the when it comes to overturn then the second one was because of the second one the wall does break the plane and he's in contact with a defender so there there's no question though that was the right that was the right over overturned so let me just go back to the first one so if if you're there do you because it was called the test on the field do you keep it a test on the field if if your officiating the game I think I probably do I mean I I know that to being camisetas close is close because I could read his lips and but then he fell off like that the you know when I want you to give her I watch on the plane actually on the way here to LA this morning and he eventually said that he liked is incomplete I like it is incomplete but I'm not sure I would have reversed it just on the basis of the fact that they actually called it a touchdown because it's just the issue of control if you have control first and then the ball hits the ground and you maintain control then it's a touchdown and if there is a second act after you hit the ground and the ball comes loose after that like in this case which he lifted up I think that's enough to stay with the call I think it's one of those that sold incredibly close you know but bow river ons decision in New York and and I think you know I think he's okay with making a but I don't think I would of so just wild endings Mike in a back to back plays to go to riverrun in New York and you know it one point at you know if it was all done I referred to al as the most important person in the NFL because she decides who's going to win or lose games ed and I you know he's obviously credible he's qualified but proceeding forward how do you think this position of all first of all is they'll stay in his role with all the controversy there and I've heard an idea about opening it up words not one person making the call he's probably got a number of people around him in the room look at the video and giving a council but he is you know he is the judge at the end there there may be a go to a three person panel to make the ruling so how do you see that role evolving in the future well I don't see it staying as it is right now and excuse me and I don't I don't think al should be the ones making the decision he got one other guy with them right so you're but that he consults with on plays and I just think it's wrong to have a high ranking league executive making decisions on who wins or loses games I mean there is a reason why for example a crew can't see IT team more than twice because you don't want any familiarity between the officials and like in the clubs well you know al has to deal with the coaches during the week he has to deal with the G. M.'s during the week and I don't think he should be the one making those decisions I think what they ought to do if they continue to review pass interference especially is bring a couple of guys in that are your best replay officials you know that are actually with a crew now bring them and let them make the decisions and do not make it more than two because if you make it more than two yeah we're going to sit there and then two guys are gonna say yeah I think it it is in the one guy because I don't think it is and then you're going to have this this you know disagreement which you know maybe take the whole process to another step in terms of time I would maximize it at two but I do think that they need to bring somebody in from the actual replay crew now that they have on site at the game and do it that way but let's just say this to when it comes to the interference I hope they dump it I hope they don't get involved in that and and get to the point where you have to challenge your have to review whether or not it is interference with you have to add it or take it off it's too subjective it's created too many headaches and we know it was a one year one year experiments which is sent so essentially means that in order to get it back yeah I'm in its current form there's going to have to be twenty four votes to get it back in out of the thirty two and I just don't think that that will be there my person is by the way we had John Terry on on the ESPN show last night and he thinks they're going to tweak it but he thinks they're gonna keep it and I was shocked because I I know you've said this a couple of times two is that that you think it's gonna be one and done but he thinks it's gonna stay beget tweak you play in we saw yesterday some obvious mistakes like the face mask that was called in the game last night where there was nothing even around the face it was a that would that was a true phantom and then a huge grew up with the raider game when they actually ruled that Derek Carr went out of bounds and stop the clock with two minutes and five seconds to go in the game a horrible mistake that you know to me one of those that could be corrected really easy if you have any additional official you know who could chime on down and and correct those things yeah we were already checks and about that this morning my going to make sure you saw that play in the raiders were assessed a delay of game penalty and the two minute warning so I think that indirectly cost in the game but you already answered that for me yeah use pop pop let me just say this you know I think the officiating is gone so much younger and I don't know if that's a good thing or not some of these mistakes have been have have been you know made by some of the young guys but like you're talking about a twenty year guy that made this call that killed the clock and you know I actually went to bed last night thinking like if I was still ahead of the program what would I do I mean I would call this guy and say how do you explain to me how a twenty year official can take a sip who's been a line of scrimmage official all his life in Lee how can you get a frozen rain and do something like that which you know can have an outcome of the game it's it's very frustrating for fans and for coaches and for X. heads of official who by the way I I know I know Jon Gruden is not happy with it and I think it did it impact the game just state the the opening kickoff of the second half young way cool on the onside kick and he's really good at I saw pulled off three against New Orleans on thanksgiving night one was not a fight because they were off sides this time they they only had ten players on the field you can't overload to one side but they were down a man they had for the left and they had five to the right legal formation was the call Mike is that the right ruling on that play eight you know I saw that on Twitter I didn't see the play but I saw it on Twitter and and the rule states and it's very interesting and I'm not sure I would have thought about this initially but the rule clearly states that you have to have five guys on either side of the kicker and you know we can't be foreign six can't be four and five a yes so it's it I used to say look at I I thought you could kick off with just one guy but it I don't the rule doesn't say that you have to have a Levin people on the field and they have to be five and five it just says that they have to be five and five five on either side of the kicker so that it's certainly against the intent of the rule that's for sure but I think it's one of those tweaks that maybe the league will look at the in the off season and say wait a minute let's take a look at this and if if you have to be five and five if you have a lemon I mean maybe it says if you give it stand then you could be you know four and five but you gotta yet yet I'm sorry but it but it doesn't the way it is right now it's clearly a file I real quick in your game the coin toss controversy from yesterday sermons had issues with this but it don't guys know by now that the only word that need to come out of your mouth is we defer to the second half right is not just for you so you would certainly think so and if the that turned out to be a mass and I think it's still a mess because you know I was told after it happened that you know New York was not going to get involved in that but they were not give a call at halftime but them in fact they did it is not reviewable I don't care what they say in terms of game administration game administration is penalty enforcement down and clock I mean those are the the main issues it doesn't say the toss prior to the game I mean the only other replay responsibility prior to the game it's specific that they could get involved if there's a fight and could you know could actually E. ject players but nothing about the cost I think it was not well handled by Dallas and back in those guys and it was not well handled by Walt Anderson I mean well damn is another go it's been around forever this could be his last year with the team says kick we want to kick the first thing you do is a way to minute now do you understand what you're saying and first explain to them that they're gonna then give up the ball for both halves and so it was poorly handled and I think the league you know somehow tried to figure out a way to make it right which I think people were satisfied with generally maybe except for Sean McVay you know but it was that's that's a horrible way to start a game that was weird Mike a lot of stuff to go through that thanks so much for Tucker said we'll talk to next week you got it I during our Mike you're really looks a former VP of efficient as a great job with fox it was weird that the game yesterday at Mike for a make sure you find one Twitter arteries we had Mikey on a little bit early was Rick welts is going to join us president and CEO of the workers the workers were just name team of the decade we'll get into that plus what's going on with the warriors in the in the kind of season what's going on with that stuff will do with him next only on the.

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