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In that time and kind of spread everyone out as Jackson makes the first free throw And Jackson was able to get down the lane where there was no help. So Xavier's got to realize like, Hey, you wanna continue toe chase, but you want to maintain your help principles and be there. In the defense of rotation, right? Griffin goes out of the ballgame. Jason Carter checks in for the Musketeers. Jackson. Second free throw is good, so he goes to for two. It's a four point lead for Toledo, 35 31 209 to play. Here in the first half. Can he walks it across the timeline Xavier working against a man to man defense. Tandy at the point accelerates Right elbow pulls up for 15 footer rolls it across the room. No good rebound taken by Member for the Rockets will give it up to Jackson, now the left sideline. Now we centers it between the circles right side of the floor to put up the Rollins Rollins, his 14 1st half points. Already, Two freshmen drives down the lane and jump stop in a pass. And it's Aaron and it's loose on the sidelines and knocked out of bounds Ultimately, Johnson for the Musketeers. 12 Seconds on the shot clock. Rollins try to wrap around inside for his big man. The big man was not ready for the bounce towards the sideline of scrambled was on Nobody really could corral Johnson able just to knock it out of bounds. Four point lead for Toledo is inbound 12 on the shot clock. We have a whistle and a foul on the Defense. Try to make a steel on the inbounds pass from Jackson to build our way out on the court. Most of the half court line to the right sideline that will be on Paul Scruggs. That is the eighth team found the Musketeers and that'll send Milburn, who's three for four. Honest isn't from the Free throw line to the line for one and one opportunity. That's just not smart foul there, Joe. He just grabbed him around his waist with his right hand and tried to deflect the ball with his left. You're not gonna get away with that. First free throw is on the way. It is good five point lead for Toledo, 36 to 31. Leader has been scoring every time down. Xavier need to get a stop. Do a better job on the defensive end number. Second free throw rattles. Arraignment pops out Left side rebound taken by Carter. Is it up? Johnson? He gives it up to keep you Tandy, who will walk it across the timeline. Candy lowers a dribble waits for a screen from Carter goes the opposite way down the lane, hang shoots and a finger roll leaves it short. No good that never got up near the rim. Leapt into the crowd and tried to drift to the left side just couldn't get enough walked on the shot. Meanwhile, back to the way Jackson throws up a floor rolls across the window, Good rebound taken by the Musketeers. Kiki Tandy in a crowd. Nice job by Kiki to come out with that rebound. And the top of the key. Give it up to Paul Scruggs. He drives inside the paint. Almost travel puts the brakes on just quickly enough. Now don't go back out the Paul Scrubs off so three from the Web site authority give the assist to the one owed him. Drugs on his feet. Set foot the wrist. Xavier pulls within two. We have under a minute to play 46 seconds in the first half. Toledo 36 savior 34 was a difficult three pointer there. Jackson throws it away. Paul struck with the steel on Paul Scruggs is found. That will be the seventh Fallon Toledo that follows on Marenco. That'll be his second. They have. More importantly, the seventh team foul in Toledo, and that'll send zebra the line with an opportunity to tie this ball game with one and one opportunity. All scrubbed show's been struggling from behind the arc. Coming into the game is only two for 14 from behind the three. The three that he hit was probably and nine out of 10 on the difficulty scale free throws on the way heavy off the back iron. No good rebound taken by Rollins. Here's a free throw line for the Toledo Rockets. 32 seconds to play shot clock 25 about a seven second differential. A good man to man defense mode ability guarding Miller. The Rollins picked up by Johnson problems drives lean shoots and the lay up is too hard rebound, taking inside by Milner. He stripped of the ball, but we have a foul called on the Musketeers trying to strip the ball. And that Elson leader rocket back to the free throw line. Looks like it will be Miller back at the line. He was there a moment ago. 11 for two. There's a 19 found The Musketeers, Assam 1001 Oldham. Milner has three points in the ball game. We thought it was all the way it is good. 37 34 with 18 seconds to play Big treat one on one. It's white elite has been able to maintain this this lead against the Musketeers. They missed the front end of their one on one Second free throw on the wake. It is good Lido, now nine of 11 from the free throw line of the first half shot clock is dark to 15 seconds to play in the first half is Tandy walks it across the timeline Xavier trailing by 4 38 to 34 candy. In the corner along the right sideline brings it across the top of the key down the left side of the lane, gleans in shoots and misses a tough lay up inside balls tapped out to the printer battle for the rebound. Is the horn after 20 minutes, Toledo we didn't Xavier Musketeers. 38 34 stay tuned for the Ukraine halftime report. You create your custom creating and shipping solution is it you.

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