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And by you, see health, the official partner of CU athletics. Went away. Now with a coal of the game. Here's Cory Lopez. Okay. Center were in Tucson, Arizona. Except to take on the air Celta Wildcats. Hi, everybody. I'm Cory Lopez. USA basketball's Carol Callan on assignment will stay. She's at the NBA all star weekend. Of course should be back with us when we return to boulder next weekend getting set to take on areas. Shona Wildcats coming in at sixteen at eight six and seven in the Pac twelve years to starting lineup for Arizona. And right at the top of the list is already McDonald's. Second leading scorer in the nation averages just over twenty five points a game. She's right behind making Gustafsen from Iowa as the leading score in the NC double A McDonald, put up thirty two points gets the box back in boulder early. In January PT starts will get the start. She's a five nine senior from book Brooklyn park. Minnesota. Then there is Sam Thomas at least six foot sophomore from Las Vegas, Nevada. Dominate mcbride. Also, get the start for Arizona McBride. Six to redshirt junior. She's from Bedford, Indiana and the other player that averages double digit scoring for the Wildcats. And that's Kate Reese the six three freshman from cypress, Texas. She averages eleven points a game head coaches at D A Barnes, who by the way is the only other player to score as many points as all right MacDonald has in a regular season. Barnes is in her third season with allows cats. All right. Here's the starters for though Bob say it looks much different than it has all season long to new starters for the this is the way they are going to do it Seila P. Now, we'll be in the starting lineup. Once again for the boxer ten straight start for Colorado, the five ten freshman from Dublin California will run the point for the buffs. Most of the time Kennedy. Leonard will probably come off the bench for a few minutes in this contest. But as a Kahlo the five eight junior prompt Tacoma, Washington, get twenty one points. The last time the buffs played Arizona. He will be one wing position. Holly shuttle be down low for the buffs. Once again, the six four sophomore from Houston, Texas averages eleven points per game around the outside will be getting her first start for the buffs. Laos see Emma Clarke from Perth, Western Australia, the six one freshman will be out there and the sharp shooter. Let's hope she's on today can knock down a few three pointers and material Jaap. We'll also get her first start as a six two junior cars Senegal, we'll be starting to get a little hideout there and a little deep rents out there for the buffs, Hugh and Jaap they're going to be chasing around. I McDonald all day long head coach JR Payne in her third season with the buffs. Colorado will.

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