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Weirdo bookworm unite. We want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers out there may look down on you for your love of horror sci fi and fantasy but not us so stop by as we discuss what we've been reading. I- junkies at Sandra. This is Scott and we got stitches here to see you know what that means. It's time for another episode of Genre Junkie and even better. It's time for a women in horror. Mum J. Women Horror Mine. Yes we're doing some fun limited horror stuff over here. John Junkies. We did some fun. Limit Horror Steph over on May court show show on Youtube and a podcast and also over on Spooky Slumber Party show. We're going to have a very special. Loenen or episode coming up soon. What the Spooky Slumber Party? This is very important month for us and so we want to celebrate it with you with He. Anybody get that pet cemetery. Reference from the movie just gave away the reference. So everyone's going to know when people here he used they know what that means here so we got to read a book that is coming out really really soon coming out the date of this episode releases single byte right now. What the hell you waiting for like. What's even your excuse. And it is called strange girls women in Horror Anthology and it Kinda I guess edited and compiled by Azzurra Knox who we have had the privilege to review one of her short stories before so this is a great compilation of horror stories written by Female Authors and some Non Binary folks and just a wonderful celebration so if you guys have ever listened to one of our short story episodes we kind of have a way. We do this where we're GonNa talk and kind of broad strokes about you know Our feelings on the book. We would normal episode. And of course we're going to save really the nitty gritty a breakdown of a lot of the stories in the spoilers section. So of course. This is always spoiler free in the first half but it's really hard to talk about short stories and not spoil up. I mean it's almost impossible the best way that I can phrase. This is in comparison to the last short story collection that we read that he bites back. I think that this one does definitely read a lot. Different Than Betty Bites back. I would say oh. Yeah this is Pretty much straight horror. Yeah but in addition to that Betty Bites back is very. It's very strong women's issues. Were this has more more female celebration. Yeah I think I see what you mean. There's definitely some hard hitting issues absolutely and I think that that's that's natural in a short story collection like this but I think just the collection of stories just overall tells a different emotion than buddy bites back did and in one of the stories in this collection in strange women. There is a story that I know. I'm going to have to talk about but it does come with a trigger warning at the start of the chapter but I mean you know kind of if you need to go into like a deep dive and look into trigger warning stuff there there. Is You know there are some hard stuff to read about in this book. There's some rape stuff there some abuse all different kinds of abuse. Yeah it can be really really hard and we goes there for some of these stories and I love. I love horth like I talked about so much. Obviously love horror. I'm obsessed. It's my favorite. But I love when horror makes you feel like every emotion and like every range of motion and I love when there's like a tied to domestic life. Real life issues like ages makes the horse so much more profound. I mean I like silly fun too but yeah like it goes there and it's cool. When horror is not afraid to go there I would say the other observation. I would make from this book from my own perspective from from from one males perspective. Betty Bites back definitely get like it. Engrossed me in a way that where it's like okay. I'm I'm learning a lot of things about the female experience from this. This book has a bit more stuff that is just kind of four females and some of it specifically for I I shouldn't even say for females for people with vaginas. Yeah that is not relatable at all to to this SIS gendered male right here share and I appreciate it. I think that's important and this is not a complaint at all. Oh Yeah we'll things don't I mean sometimes when when we as readers read like you know I'd diverse experience away from her own. It's like no you're you're never gonNA be walking exactly that person's shoes and being able to relate to it that way but that's like the whole point of reading right. You're learning someone else's story in someone else's perspective on something and that's why it's always important to when you can and of course we try to and it's always a work in progress but try to re diversely always different authors of different walks of life with characters of different walks of life from your own like that's the fun of reading right so. I guess if it's all right with you I'd like to start with my experience score but the book go for it and for me. This book was a good read. I really enjoyed a lot of the stories in it. I I found myself coming back to it. Regularly short stories are very hard for it to be a page. Turner for me. It's it's not how I tell story how you digest short story. You should speak on that for anybody. That doesn't remember. Yes so when I read a short story collection I typically like to read one sometimes two stories and then take a break. It sometimes five minutes. It's sometimes a couple of hours. That's how I liked to digest it. I like to experience the story and then in process it just like I would a book. I'm not the kind of person who finishes a book and immediately starts reading the first page of the next book and I'm the same way with short stories that said there were there were stories in this. That did not resonate with me as much I would have liked and a lot of that is because I I am assist gender male and there are some stories in here. I don't feel I don't feel we're written for me right. It's for you to get a glimpse into that life. Yes there's one story in particular Very very short that is specifically about menstruation that I really appreciated but it did not have an effect on me and that's okay. I don't feel that it was written for me and and I. I have no problem with that but this book in particular. I do think there is. There is much more for the female experience than there is for me. Yeah and that's good and I. I'm just happy that you I mean Obviously like we review books. But I'm just really happy that you and I'm sure so. Many other CISGENDERS gender and heterosexual dudes would be like. Yeah I I can get into this because you wanna hear those stories you WanNa hear like this perspective and what these authors have to say. Even though it's different than you and as really important to respect the difference but still enjoy it I will say off man I. I'm I'm a little more in the page. Turner world with this one I loved it. Of course I mean it's horror horror is just such a wonderful Yummy Yummy. It's my favorite. And then especially these you know these really female. Fem centered stories and celebrating some characters that are non binary and some writers are non binary to is just really cool and it makes me so proud to be part of this horror community and to be a female in horror and you know horror folks like we're we're pretty awesome were just were accepting and we're wonderful people book book people to it's It's so nice to get to have stories being told by a tight first range of people and you know it's always can be better and there's still a lot to be done but you know letting these authors who are not you know a white heterosexual dude you. Kinda have the spotlight all the time and it. Kinda share and there was some stuff in here that we're all friends here right. We're all friends here. Girlfriends raw friends here that like for me as as a female as a non ner typical person and as someone who you know kind of has that experience that it just made me feel like a this is awesome. This is a celebration so yeah loved it and I guess we're appeal to like. Yeah it's Hor. It's a horror collection for sure. So you gotta be you know kind of a horror person but I mean I would still say this is a pretty broad appeal I'M GONNA go with a broad appeal because I think if you're into like women's fiction and or you're into You know kind of diversifying your reading just a horror fan but this is a great collection for horror fans. This one is complicated for me to score I think you'll be surprised by my score but it's complicated because I am going to give my score based on those with a non male experience. I do think that this is. I do think this is enjoyable by many people with a with a with a male experience and there's a lot of stuff in here that is that is very very enjoyable and was very enjoyable to me But I do think that their stuff that that is not written for me however I if I have a feeling in the female in the non I should say in the non male experience. I'm actually give it a mass appeal. I love it. I think that there is definitely. I mean this is. This is absolutely one hundred percent horror but in a world where one of the most popular television shows ever is law and order special victims unit. I think that that there is really very little in this collection. That goes so far as to just completely turn off anybody. I think that there's really deep powerful stuff in in every story and even the ones that are really creepy are are approachable. So so I'm giving it a mass appeal book for that reason. I love it. I think that's fantastic. So yeah in case. You couldn't tell we're really singing. Canada praises of this Of this collection and kind of the whole thing with when you read a short story collection sometimes you know. It's such a mixed bag of strong stories week stories. And Yeah there's GonNa be some in here that we're just not my favorite though author style wasn't my favorite 'cause you're gonNA get such a sampling of different writers but really very few Mrs for me. I was actually surprised me. I felt that there were no true Mrs in this story right because there was still something to be like garnered from. That didn't hit me but we're still just just excellent and I appreciated. I feel that there was not a single miss in the front from from cover to cover and that's really impressive. Yeah now I I hear you like Essa Great Great Celebration Great Celebration of horror and highly highly endorsed by the Jonah. Junkies clearly is out today. February eighteenth Go pick it up. If you haven't read it already yes Read every single one in there and then come join us for the spoiler. Section is this is good. You guys are GonNa love this Absolutely dive in celebrate females and non binary people writing and being in horror and. Just open your heart if you having. But we know you how we know John..

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