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American Eagle is if you do not keep imposter I'm I'm using but I got a lot of things to talk about matters so much coral in the U. S. they America so I got I got to get started I always do the talking about these rules but unfortunately you could you continue taking cold calls from the guy I don't know why but this you'll be in this today we have the latest for me to talk Hey you know I got some that they all yeah yeah yeah because you have seen that we will you know we live there right now Israeli air from the do you Kerry Hey all all night long you got to get ready for church three to you from manta you are you all have no Churchill only twice during the roll out sorry New York do you know what are you nothing but a race Bailey you were you were you heal wars throughout sharp possible I do think there will be a man we're still out shopping when a coach you you could start a mass murder angel reached you each you are to be insane you can you call yourself a minute why would it matter what color the children were in a matter of you know yeah I'm sure I got it don't matter will be white or black you know I got lucky I'm not the whole mereka struck in this because you know how do we know what call in to shore by anything to do about doing I got to respond because I mean I did did more people criticizing me you know saying the same thing that ministers should be allowed on the air and he's this is that but I mean the way I look at is this is that I want to be fair and I minister from time to time he has a pretty decent call sometimes he points out some interesting stuff but I mean he's very one sided that there's no question he's like the Democrat party hates Donald Trump and he missed construes the so many the outback and I didn't even brought up I did re brought up the race of this a bit dog hog whatever you won't call on the tried shoot up all the cops out there in Philadelphia it's got a rap sheet longer than who knows what even though they died like the guys on Bach said that they played a lot of his stuff down but he had no business being on the street and he's not going to obey any loss easier got there you get any kind of weapons and ammo and fight the cops to the nail and now they're the the people there in Philadelphia there have some kind of visual making him out to be some kind of Robin Hood character some kind of hero yeah yeah right like you say they are you know he always called the air war to challenge somebody to come to yields radio radio studio you know we war he wants to see that at the table and nobody wants to talk to you you're a loser talk to a race nobody wants to be associated with a raise their feedback you need to take a good look at yourself in the met me a minute and you need to change your name collider because that's what you are the next day you call his radio show called tool you are just telling you a liar not the minister because that's exactly what you are you may need to be real out of I really don't want to talk about the guy anymore well yes to the next yeah remember all of them to start out let me talk about the situation we'll mobile more men to leave you are going to see where Amy back playing that I told Steve hello he he you know he is a real do you want him days you know what are what I got to lose steam there's no you know what I wish you would do I wish there was so when you get a mark on the United States of America really cool instead of putting this country with because they need the United and what do they need Israel yeah and I'm with bold it is hard to believe that the people in the milk sold out in Michigan boulder police to lose the whole family collection Tamil bowl tomorrow it right out of the country for other people we'll both be the date the United States they need everything please stand for they don't respect Donald Trump will respect nobody in the to learn some respect as far as I'm concerned if you don't want to be in the U. S. Hey Jeff what will what I don't want you in the U. with them of any body else I don't want you to people want to be as simple as that electoral college for me I told him well you call of the day but I'll be more willing to do you come out of pocket purchase a ticket to get you out of the country that's what it takes a lot of so you well I hate eagle you in the truth is that all of our industry under investigation because supposedly there's they're investigating a sheep falsified a lot of information and I keep on hearing and seeing all of its fake news or not the cheese burger own puts blather well I wish you nothing but garbage season she's she's not there but allow Mao run tomorrow about the United States in Israel and other countries and she came back which you I got the answer for me to believe Paul Minnesota this one will you be they ought to be ashamed of yourself the molding for somebody like that what kind of a liar that this woman she is she said he wanted to go to Israel to visit her ninety year old grandma India and a day later he can't go because he feels like he's being treated like a criminal because he decided that he not go boldly Israel even though they all gave her the opportunity to go every Saturday said well you know because of the circumstances they were you reconsider then she said why don't you wanna go now just well it's all political I mean all they try to do is get points with the fake news media and then go out there and cried belly again that that was that Todd day he by I think that the one that did that and I you know what just recently I don't even know that she was one of the not cases they got paid all that big money by either Soros are crooked Hillary to go protest at the truck rallies I saw the video they had a holler out the one time she was screaming and carrying on it one of the trump rallies when he was running for president to stop and she's well she's got two or three screws loose certain of what women in the school the Middle East you to believe that all portal women represent the United States of America is really hard to believe that the squad whatever the cause actually represents United States America people called proved lose like we gave you know come about in the coming up you know we've already discussed the panel cracked out there right now yeah and I will give you wanted to you they they have nothing to worry about when it comes to Joe Biden legacy not even we're talking about but I got to I got so you want to go to the reason why I'm a Rachael bomb will do well don't cry and open his big mouth because yeah same thing goal would colonel Sanders you remind me of the man who used to Saudi Kentucky fried chicken Bernie Sanders bowl Holly your role yeah well you yeah to want to be president insane and to also summon think country this multi million dollar hole he won't he won't American people instead yeah he really a good man sure the fans and all about it you got the plate our lives in the war because the issue in the inter agency have no Indian it's always Philippine any yeah you you were Donald Trump there's no competition gold out wide he also I'm very please a couple weeks ago is true you know me he what Donald Trump rally we have to see a replay be needs help so much if you don't think people war they want to rally a group of every word of mouth because because they hate him that much the people are what what is what is needed to go and look at a Donald Trump rally the trouble your radio show including the Mandarin is old phone call was only those people make any sense yeah there's not a way Massachusetts not in New Hampshire yeah holy crap people we love we cool cool cool cool Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden if you look at all the people in the building I got a pain to show up at their route hello guys standing room only crowd everywhere you go in and there's no way all the way down from there and win the election in two thousand and twenty you already know what the deal is if the Democrats region today your dirty tricks in there definitely capable of doing that Hey Hey years now I'm a push on hold and bring you back here after a little short break but you don't realize how right you are because the fox host was there live she said that was absolutely standing room only inside packed crowd in interest five seven thousand people on the outside put even get into the place is still showed up and having a hell of a good time and everybody's got their red hats on keep America great make America great trump twenty twenty women all over the place of women love Donald Trump and now I see reports of a phony Paul out there you want to question you when you come back from the break that fox news out there because they're hacks on the weekend no question about that but sep box poll had of four candidates beaten trump in the election raise that's got to be fake news we will take a little short break we shall return right here in America's trucking network driver you.

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