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Their names due to protest by native Americans and other groups. And he didn't want that same thing to happen to Indianapolis, For example, if you change the name of a city whether it's in Annapolis or another city, someone has to sweep through all of those entries in our state statute and find them and then change him and total the bill would stop 100. 40 cities from being renamed, including Evansville, Vincent's and Clarksville. Critics of the bill Call it a waste of time. John Herrick, 93 w. Y. B C mobile new waiters and waitresses make 2 13 an hour plus tips. It's called the Tip Wage servers like Kelly Robinson and Green would want to see that go up 57, maybe even a dollar increase over the next year. So for servers, But she says a $15 an hour minimum wage would be bad news for people like her. Robinson says that would force restaurant To do away with tips, and then she would end up making less money coming up. Why you why? You definitely should keep an eye on Wuhan and, of course, the World Health Organization. That story and more next on 93. W Why D. C coming up on Tony Cats today? Unity? We don't need no stinking unity that starts at noon on 93 wi VC. The World Health Organization is investigating the origin of the covert pandemic in China. Fox is Simon no End of World Health Organization experts that the Wu Han Institute of Neurology The lab is being at the center of speculation about the origins of the Corona virus outbreak. One investigator Peter Dash, AC says the team's visit to Wuhan is going well and that the experts are making progress. In learning how the pandemic may have started. Simon Ellen Fox News decaying body found in a home in Logansport, police discovered it was the body of just Lynn B Bounce mother. She told police when she was arrested that her mother died A little. After Thanksgiving. Cynthia Newman's decaying body was found in a chair and be bouts home. She said she didn't report her mother's death because she didn't want to be alone. He's making the leap to IndyCar. Former F one driver Roman Grosjean says he will be running a partial IndyCar schedule this upcoming season with Dale Coyne Racing, he says he's getting up to speed looked none sick. It's first of all, there's a lot of physics Street course that changes to the tires. The refuting the rolling starts the way you know they operated songs. So Grosjean says he will not be running on oval circuits, which includes the Indy 500, he says after a bad crash and F one last year, in which He was badly injured. His plan is to stick to road and street courses. Did you buy a ticket for last Saturday's daily three drawing will you need to hold on to it actually found the reports. Lottery says There was a technical difficulty during the drawing on January 30th, and they're going to do a secondary drawing. The announced numbers were 90 and two with a Super Bowl of one Who's your lottery will honor those numbers and the numbers from the second drawing A date for the drawing has not been announced. Ashley Fowler 93. W I. B. C Mobile new Listen up Super Bowl fans, There's a new way to get free beer. But it's going to take some work and a little time Miller Lite is kicking off a contest on Sunday to score a signature six pack. But here's how it works when an ad from rival Michelob Ultra airs on TV type a specific U RL into Miller's search browser on their website. But the thing is the U. R. L is a whopping 836 characters long It's a jab it Niccolo for promoting a 95 calorie beer, which is one less than Miller's. The company claims burning that extra calorie is as simple as typing a Ridiculously long U R L For more information. Just visit Miller. LITE com Right now it's a clear radar, cloudy and 31 downtown. I'm Kirk.

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