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Shooting spree in Lakeland, Florida Here's Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. This man killed four people tried to kill our deputies and then gave up when he came out of the house the first time we didn't see again. He shot at us from inside the house when he exited the house the second time he had his hands in the air. And he gave up. Police say the alleged shooter 33 year old Brian Riley, was dressed in body armor during the shooting. An 11 year old girl survived the attack and reportedly underwent surgery for seven. Gunshot wounds. South Carolina murder Mystery deepens after more violence Prominent South Carolina Attorney Alex Murdoch's shot in the head Saturday, a family spokesperson tells ABC News. Murdoch was changing a tire when a car passed him turned around and then someone in that car shot him. He was airlifted to Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia, and reported to be in stable condition. In June. Murdoch's wife, Margaret, and his son Paul, were found dead with multiple gunshot wounds near the family's hunting lodge in Colleton County. No arrests have been made in connection with their killings. Lionel Boy ease ABC News. The family has been a fixture in the South Carolina legal community for over 80 years. Three generations of Murdoch's have served as the elected solicitor in the 14th judicial circuit. The Taliban reportedly blocking departures of chartered planes trying to get out of mozzarella Sharif airport. In northern Afghanistan, the U. S State Department not confirming if there are any U. S citizens among those trying to fly out. Paul Stern is with a group called Ascend Athletics, which teaches leadership two girls through hiking. And mountaineering. He says members of his organization are among those waiting for the flights and is concerned for their safety, monitoring the situation very closely given the fear that this situation is deteriorating, and, uh, we need to be airborne as soon as possible because these young women are near the airport, but keep changing locations. As the situation becomes more dangerous. 9 2073 degrees in Boston. Will update the AccuWeather forecast with Dean DeVore check the roads with David's Rivelino next.

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