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He changed the rules of a special process called reconciliation to do that, by simple majority. So another words, he has knocked down the filibuster for the Republicans. Three times to enhance the ability of Republicans to pass bills they favor. Democrats need to have stare that straight in the face and say we should have at least the same determination. To get bills passed for the people as McConnell had to get bills passed for the powerful So are you saying that you would attempt to pass this through reconciliation? Because if I look at this, this does not seem to me to be a budget related piece of legislation, which is what it would need to be order to do that. Well in each of those cases. When I said the rules were changed those those changes man use existing process. But you proceed to change the rules for that existing process. You modify them, And so there's there's various ways that we could modify the requirement on policy bills that require 60 votes to close debate. In order to say Well, we if a majority wants to close debate, we will close debate with the majority. That, of course, was the way the Senate was intended to operate our founders at a supermajority requirement. In the Confederation Congress of the Confederation and the therefore they had they were paralyzed. And they said, basically if they were writing the U. S Constitution, don't do this, They said upside a supermajority on Lee for special things like treaties and a veto override. They said, Don't do it for legislation because it paralyzes the body. And that's what the Senate has become, has become a deep freeze. So for one, your honor, either the architectural vision of our Constitution or the the the premise of government of buying for the people. We need to stop Mitch McConnell from being able to paralyze the Senate and causing the minority to control it on the issues that would have would improve the lives off of people families across this country. I know the reporters get criticized for focusing on process and not policy, And sometimes that happens for members of Congress and senators as well. But it's so important because process determines what policy can take place. So I guess I'm wondering. Is this a question for you of Trying to have some dialogue with some of your GOP colleagues and maybe peel off a voter to or as you seem to be saying Nope. Let's tweak the rules and go straight ahead on a Democrat on Lee Bill here. Well, we would love to have Republican colleagues, but Mitch McConnell has locked down his his caucus. He's made it a just, Ah, test on day and an issue that no member dare confront him on. And so we would need 10 members. If we needed one or two. We might be able to get that. We're not going to get you have to get that that filibuster proof majority. Well, yes, That's the point. Yes to get to get 60 votes. We would need 10 Republicans to join us. That is just not going to happen. Given the pressure and you consent from your clip. You can hear how confident McConnell is about having locked down his members and that this is his majored. Major. Same is to block this. So, um, if we.

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