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Years or older and other be fully vaccinated or free of any medical condition. They must be informed of guidelines here, and only 75% of passengers have to be tested for covert. After disembarking ships must have one trial run. We're told before. Resuming operations and the Washington State Transportation Commission getting ready to raise tolls, possibly, and also fairy rates. They're gonna have a special meeting this coming a week to begin the process. Reduced traffic volumes during the pandemic have led to lower toll revenue, which has put more pressure on repaying construction bonds. So they're going to examine the numbers from Washington state fairies and then also look at Highway 99 Tunnel, the 5 20 Bridge and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge tolls. The commission expected to release its proposed fairy fare increase in June and proposed toll rate increases at its July 20th meeting. By the way for ST Mary's right now peak season. So we have extra sailings to popular destinations. The surcharge is in effect. As well. So don't let the sticker shock get to you. This is come on using Homo news radio listen more no more. Ready to give your home greater curb appeal, HD TV says. Here's where spend money and possess with a pediment. It can create a cohesive an attractive entryway, especially for a traditional style home. Build stone columns, which make any design feel more substantial. Take a few steps away from the house and work on a stone walkway and for a real difference at a relatively.

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