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Today. And it just shines over the set wherever they're shooting wherever she is Oprah. I love it but super. So where do we give. We're headed we Just because we were just no words. Oh these sound full full why I love you. I hate talk to other people talk to each other home. What is the five minutes we spend on the job? I can talk like this to like probably three of my other friend three I thought it was you I was like. Oh that must be you. It's me but like my manager I can have conversations. She's amazing and then I have my friend Brenda and my friend. Amanda Manda Amanda Seals. WHO's fantastic great girl? You're fantastic. I can't have the mini and my guy friends. Now I'm thinking about it. This is why I go out. I'll have coffee with a guy friend. Mike bigly is a good example. Someone who can do this. Yeah feelings fears. It's I've had it with the wrestler. I'm tired I just WANNA go talk about your drinking. That's what I wanted to say. The problem the root of all this really wrestling with that feels like. You're in an emotional sleeper whole dad. Good I feel like men feel like a lot has been imposed on them. The other side. I think there's a lot of pressure to be a man and I feel bad for you guys. I can feel that too sometimes but I work through Bush but I managed. I still feel it all the work that I've done every once in a while I go like my being enough of a man. The good thing is there are things that you probably are naturally actually when we manage. What do we mean we mean decisive? We mean powerful. So that's the first thing that comes in takes care of business. Find the things that you were naturally that way about and let that meet your quotas. Don't take it out on your kids. Absolutely I have a thing like just in general about I. I don't have kids. I'm pretty sure I'm never I'm never going to have. I might adopt somewhere in the future. I don't know yeah I might do that. I just I smell a pilot everything everything people say to me. I'm just like are you gonna pay for those kids. Let me pitch something real quick kids and the kids who is with a C. So everyone's going to be like Candy C.. ID number Afghanistan. Is it not around remember. It's no that's it. Is this survive. You have a child sudden infant death shit. I forgot I skip that day. I I I was scared of synods. You should've been fine. It's terrifying. There's nothing you can do when when sciences like all we can do is name met after. That's how I feel about cancer when one of the first dark bits that I wrote was like we just made up a word for a thing that keeps killing killing. You know what I mean but we know so much much more about cancer than medieval. No it's out of nowhere and you just wake up and your kids. It's like that old going back to which is like we needed villains to blame things like that. It's so fucking yet like no bets. CID's is the fucking worst thing actually ingredient way day said. Yeah Sid vicious our now. We're riffing on darkness. That's what you gotta do. I guess but I mean like when now that I can sleep and not think about whether or not because she's fifteen older now right with that beginning you're getting up touching and feeling Antonio the liner I can. I don't care but I know what I want to say that there's a lot of other hormones and things firing off that make it worth it like. There is panic and there is his fear. Yeah Yeah and then there's this weird sort of like this is life be like if you think about the world the Earth floating in nothingness and this and going around okay star. That's also fucking scary but like we've all sort of learned to be like and I met the movies. Yeah you can do that with the baby. I'm just trying to. I'm I'm trying to encourage anybody to have children but for every like irrational fear I hope my hope for everybody that you also have this irrational parent. Jean Blake. Thank you sort of get that from. I got it from my dad. My Dad is a real like it'll work out guy yeah. My parents are like that as well. Find Parking yeah fearless fearless. It's fine fine like it'll be fine. Yeah that's where I get my faith from my parents have A. We just had faith and my dad does worry a lot and that bothers me because he worries about ridiculous things like sweet very sweet. But it's it's neurotic also like when he's still like my dad hasn't slept well since me and my sister were born really then Mike were grown asked women and he he just is a great father and that's just what he was meant to be. But who are we casting your dad in the near Corner Picture Your Dad we need in a light skinned a light skinned from black succession. Drake Know Talk to your dad. Who would be a good Howard Howard and it's hard to say 'cause I'm just thinking when you think about about casting you just think about like who's been in those roles before right you know who would've been a great? I'm just like is it. The partner from the wire are shed or is it then quoted that guy earlier today. So it's a big serendipity. I am not kidding. How are the what are the the chances of remember? Why did it get it? Shuts crab guts. I always remember the scene from Baltimore if you don't need the crab guts. Oh yeah they're little liver. No this crab at a drinking problem has roses all right. I think James. What's his name Role Jones? No Not James Earl. John's Avery James Avery James is he the uncle Phil from fresh prince. Yeah he could have been PALU email. My Dad's not bashing. Yeah she don't go fill mine. Wait what is there was an episode where I'll go on a diet talking about food and he went Louis. Mounds Act I've called my brother right now and we don't pillow you say mashed potatoes. He finished the quote. Oh Oh my God talk about light skin on every cast. He aches. That was not good. Yeah that was not good. Never been a fan of new on vith or or wanted to give on that on vivid try because she was of course. But how do you. You can't go from that on VIM. She was amazing. The first one was on what didn't the first the kick up some dust like she wanted. More money was a money thing is what they say. Yeah and I don't know if there's any truth to that but what D- what the streets is saying go to Barbara shops to. They're talking about people like you hear about she said You heard that from me. I want the same trailer as well. Oh my God can be a black woman we're fans has and again. I say this also mostly single. We lease dated Asian men. Black women what it wasn't thousands of. I think that's probably still true. And I don't know I can't speak for like like you know. There's IT'S A it's a topic of discussion in the black community about black men dating outside of not dating black women but most black men are with black women in in most parts of the countries where there are black populations. It's just in cities like New York and La for example where you see it also gets to a level of fame. We see like professional athletes. Chris Rock has been where he's doing shit until you have a woman. Oh that sounds like his wife was black. She was. Yeah but yeah and I think he's still days black women ex-girlfriend I saw him with was a black woman might just be something he says because it is something that he knows about these uncle Tom. Black dudes out here that really think that validate get need validation by marrying a white woman data that exists. That's a real thing. Throw out uncle. I I'm not but you aww dominant. Are we bleeding. No really feel like. Do I protect my guest here. Dropped the audio. There's nothing wrong with saying that. There are uncle Tom Black people. That's a real term that exists for an. I mean it means that it's basically black people that stat that sold out two for white validation and they try to live up to they want to achieve the success of a white man which to them means finding a white woman and they would would sell out their own black people to achieve that status. It's interesting yeah and being this is this is weird called. You made it weird. Yes when I hear that so I I watched the movie. I wasn't gonNA call it forgiven. the farewell so aquafina movie. And there's a chat about like if you if you Chinese you're always Chinese and a location and people right as I. We went and her dad in the movie. It's not it's not her story but the characters his dad in the movie is like we're Americans and they like you can tell that the Chinese people don't like now. I'm from Boston the only way I can relate to that as I have a lot of people that are like we're from Boston. We stay in awesome. Thought fucking stupid. I don't mean it's stupid but I'm like that's not for me and then I went to La. And then I started like dating. La and go home sounds pretty vocal about how much I love. La So like. I have like this part of me. That's like can't people do whatever they want John but what is. What is the part that I know? Of course you can do what they want. When there's a pattern you've been whoever you want? I'm not saying you can't just saying they're buying a narrative from somebody. Yes and I'm saying. What are your intentions with dating this person? If you truly love this white woman go for it. I'm all here for that. But if you have a pattern because dude this goes back popsicles thin and cold. I know there's some people I don't really know them yet but they marry who I think. They think they're supposed to marry to look more. It's the appearances. And then that's what I question and the celebrity Maryland absolutely right and it's it's again like if you see let's say for example example. There's a black person that only dates white people and they've never dated black to me. It is it is interesting and pick Yulia for your own race like that to me is bizarre. And they're to me. There's an end immediately. I'm like if I said that if a white person wouldn't when we'd be like Jesus Christ no because to me that's like family like you. We dated who what we are comfortable with them. What we know right right? Don't we well we EH. We have common with and so it's like if you grew up that way then that makes sense to me to like date. I'm not saying the MONTAGUES. But what if you fall in love with the cat and that's fine. Yeah that's fine but what I'm saying is what if if if you were a montague but you never dated anybody if you never dated a montague type person person and bad you're saying Romeo probably dated a few montagues before he went capulet. Yes okay you have there you. You need to have those experiences and at least you and I understand where that comes from it comes from. Oh I've got something in common with this person. We have common ground that we can talk about this and this and this and you get me get me at the end of the day you get me right. I want someone that gets us. It's interesting that this is I love. How open your being and I think so interesting that this is sort of a touchy subject? One of the ways that I can relate is that vowel and I both grew up in the church and when I was dating people that didn't grow up in the Church that it was fun for me and that was interesting for me and there was always voice..

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