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Oh boy were high on public sex i'll let adrenaline man you do some crazy things and then yeah of canada's repeats itself right because there's no place that i could be without you there's no place that i could be without year there's no place that i can be with you i believe that there is no person that billy corgan genuinely feels this way about yeah there's no place that i could be without you it i do not think billy corgan has ever thought that about a person well you go back to howard's interview he straight up admits that he says i never felt love in my whole life the loved that i had for pass relationships was like something i saw on a movie that i tried to emulate that i thought was this is what happy is this is what i should be in a relationship i never had a close personal relationship my whole life no one ever i never was attached anybody actually going to his me hard identify with had a little bit buddha that's that's maybe why this rubs me the wrong way so much is because he's try he's doing the movie relationship in this music video specifically with the basest it's chaos magic dude made a hedelius his before he had this realization and his life obviously at anger issues at the time honestly i always believe i believe he did skin in the music video.

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