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Solved by a professional the latest on governor rauner so dress i two young children were shot in gary indiana overnight police said they were separate shootings on ninety world boy is in critical condition an eightyearold girl was shot about a mile away shortly after her medical condition has not been made public bernard carter tells channel nine he lives near one of the shootings by all kids i made was kid you see there they evidently drive right down the street in shoot like they'll kill children were transported to the university of chicago medical center police haven't released details in either incident we hear from governor rauner today alive address that he'll deliver from the old state capitol tonight at six o'clock he's expected to call upon lawmakers to pass the budget they were unable to reach an agreement before the end of this spring session a special 10day session begins tomorrow it's been nearly two years has lawmakers in spring will have agreed upon a fully balanced budget democrats in washington held the senate four late into the night in protest over the way republicans are putting together their health healthcare bill are they say the bill is being drafted in secret that they won't have time to review it if republicans tried to get it passed before the end of the month we may see a tax code overhaul before the end of the year house speaker paul ryan is promising to get it done he is set to deliver a speech on tax reform today he's expected to say a complete overhaul is needed rather than just the list of temporary tax cuts his biggest challenge will likely be this calendar calendar the rather it's still has diminished healthcare reform and pass the budget.

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