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You're kind of dealing with a situation and i'm sure most of us have yeah yeah it's that time of the year to really evaluate the you know how old queen that drier event this soon how do you do that i mean it's most of its under the floor it's kind of hard to get to right i mean the easiest way to really inspect _a_c about the dry event is first year run the drier and then go outside to the drier event and see how they're flawless you know it if it's really week you definitely have got a lot to build up in it on the other way too is by looking behind a drier if you have a lot to build lynn up let the behind that drier it's the same thing as you know could you get so much back pressure that it's lee came back out so those are the two true signs right away have to be able to tell you know if you have you know oh clock in that system and it's not always sit that there's a clague it's just some build up of that lynn norman and so you go to from a good for each you know round pipe now you can be down to like a to wentz round upright and um and you know the thing that happens whipped this time of the year we get a real cole time that that outside of the pipe you know for probably a good three to five feet into the house is really cold vs you know at the drier work all the swarm morey stare comes out so when you get down to where that type as cold now it also middle build up and turn on that line turn drouet gets real have you from the kind of station and it just are tall building up they're not so and when the key things i was toe home watches you know from if it is kind of clean still around the back of the drier but but outside discharge you know you know philip real strong era there and that's where you want to take dick cover off and then maybe just reach offender tennessee if you can tony debris out one of things that i use a lot on and that you can on no depend on how don't like to pipe.

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