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We are here to win the game in their building and knock them out so the sun skip credit for being more mature than i would have been. But you're not punk in my best player like that. No way on john remember what happened earlier in the series. We're beverly headbutts devon booker in the nose right now. You could say that was unintentional. I don't know if it was or not but devon booker has broken nose. it's been bothering him. The rest of the series. And it's going to bother him. The finals meat's gotten a little bit of time. Now at least but you know. Beverly has a reputation for that. He had go all the way back to the russell. Westbrook knee injury where drives on a loose ball. That he can't quite get. It reminded me a little of the lebron james sullivan hill thing. Like you're diving for a ball that you can't really get an in the in your path like nobody. Nobody blames you for diving for a loose ball. That's that's good hustle. Whatever but if you're diving and there's somebody in your path that is clearly ahead of you and you're going to be hitting their lower legs. That is a very dangerous play and when he did. That's russell westbrook yet. Obviously a knee surgery ended their season. he did. That's lebron james. His ankle was never the same as home hill. Did that right and it was. He was never the same right. Those are the types of injuries guys in the league. Notice as like that was unsafe dangerous. And you hurt somebody. Now let me. Let me add this for the story earlier today. Patrick beverley tweeted this at chris. Paul he wrote ep three emotions. Got the best for me last night. My bad wasn't meant for you. Congrats on making it to the finals. Best of luck. That's nice that patrick beverley did that. I have i'm the nba. So you get a three game suspension. To start next year will be the only questions how long i just thought that that was one of the most bush league things i've ever seen in the nba. Playoffs i've been covering the league for twenty five years. Yeah and you know what was when i saw it. La lakers did at once in twenty eleven when they were swept by dallas andrew bynum. I can't remember it was j. Glows going through the lane. And he just gave him a forearm shiver and i thought it made andrew look bad. It made the lakers look bad. They threw buying them out of the game. But it's just. I mean you can't beat them so you're going to try and hurt him. Yeah really weak. that's mine. i had somebody g. That's me once. When i was playing it was like in high school and we were waiting the game and somebody did like really slide tackle from behind and i was okay but i was like i've never that's a close i've ever come to wanting to get up and pop somebody right but i was like fighting mad like i was about to swing and i was like i thought until the way that went down chris. Seattle walking away with his act. It was just it was just a sucker move. Yeah i think. I think patrick rivers very lucky. He didn't get punched in the face. And i think if the nba doesn't do something about it. The phoenix bench will at the start. An extra keeping obsolete. Do something about it all right coming up next radio tinder. We'll get lynn's in here. She's got a bunch of stuff. She wants us to react to lou and at the top of the hour now that the ncaa has allowed players to capitalize on their name and likeness. What do you do with guys. Like reggie bush and guys like we're in the fab. Five do you reinstate him to welcome him back into the fold. We'll get into that at the top of the hour. Ramon information. I'm john ireland seven ten ten. Espn all right. We do this every day. At this time. Lindsay puts together a bunch of stuff and we react to it lends. What are you got all right. Well i'm going to start with one of our favorite. I guess everybody's favorite twitter personalities former. Nfl player chad johnson aka ocho cinco who ignited a social media debate the other night when he offered his opinion on how much man should pay when going out on their first date with a potential partner the debacle began after johnson responded to a twitter user twitter user with the handle sailly who asked to their male followers. How much money is too much money for the first date. Ocho cinco then re tweeted the post and suggested that men men should be alarmed. If they pay over fifty dollars he wrote anything over. Fifty dollars is a red flag. He wrote that it shouldn't cost that much for a date and that he can personally find ways to quote stretch fifty dollars for a week countless people a differing opinions on ocho cinco advice. Oh i'll ask you guys is fifty dollars a good general limit to put on a cost for i date. Swipe left or sleep right. No swipe left. The cost of the first date is whatever it costs. Yeah you if you make a big deal about spending more than fifty bucks that's going to the girl's gonna think you're cheap. I know ramona. I think the first day cost what it costs and you pay for it. Yeah i mean. Look if you're in high school and you're getting to like chili's or something okay. But if you're an going out i'm going out on a first date with someone that michael thompson insisted on fixed cost what. It costs like fifty. I always talk about. I don't like to complain about the student. Makes us look ridiculous but we all get her diem. Okay when you're on the road and there's pretty where like some people will take their per diem money and they'll just you know..

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