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And the conversation for example veer into Frank Whiteley. Show Award and forego. which was was a lot of fun because Barca gave Barclays the work for frank like when you're in the during roughage to your winter. and. It just gave a really. Gloom initiating example of Frank white. We we which. Hard boot a gruff. for Middle School Talk school. Could train of thought But When it came to show ward. For though at the time. Missed widely. was really respectful. and it kind of painted really interesting picture because eventually when Shell Award. of retired and Martha Jerry. and show award. We're looking for a new training forego for nineteen seventy six. Was Mr Ward of course chose Mr White we, so that's. Kind of fun, little diversion, but As you pointed out on this show the other day, robin had a great great piece on why they stuck with manny, Franco in and you had embark. We discussed it in depth, but yeah, those those were some great videos. if I say so myself and I encourage you to watch him. Well the the fact that the Robin reached out to Ramon Dominguez for insight and and Barclay kind of provided the counterbalance to Ramones Association with the Barn and you the. Writer's been there. There's there's eras that you know when when riders. Come in to You know the the sphere. As it were with. With! A Barn and Ramon wrote a lot of the winners during during the prime of his career and for Barclay There's you know what's interesting about tag to that. Kind of long form conversation that we never seem to get to with him. We talk about some of his old early successes, but his. His origins as A Pennsylvania, horse, country, Steeplechase rider. that. you know the the origin story for for Barclay? It. was. A you know he. He's from that old school steeplechase. Them you know careers on the race track assistant. One on his own in the early seventies and Robin to I, mean Robin people don't know this but She worked as an assistant to Dr. John at Fisher the trainer and then. Some there went on her own and train the Charles town. And then later you know hooked up with Barkley when? They started dating But interestingly backstory to this Barkley. Known Robbins family for a long time and actually had known Robin. I think from from the age when bobby was five. And so you know. It's it's a long history, and then of course Two of them Developed a relationship much later on obviously but. Really Interesting Story You know Them, a their respective trained careers. 'cause you point out there. We'll deep blue and. Committed Atlantic horsemanship and It's so evident steed when you go to the barn. reminds me of old barns the. And and as a young kid actually. Sneaking into. Belmont and Teenager and I actually go over frankly responding seat him hoping for go. Like, Sixty. Seventy six, seventy seven. And you know. She Barclay reminds me of that old school that. kind of it's not bearing more So a lot of people that. Kind of remember that they they were very enthused with the. That did and it Kinda brought back memories for them to. See when I see Barclay next that actually I want to ask him a he he's from Lancaster, and and it makes me wonder. If at any point, he's had horses. For for Pechstein. Who? Who you know is she is Lancaster she? Pastor. And of course. You know with for years with with Without but I I it does occur to me that There has to be there have to be. And, also, I'm curious if Yeah and I. Barclays! Must have handled some some J. sources over the years. Not sure. That's a good question to ask them. That we're GONNA, we're. GonNa explore that we're going to I. If I may here from. From Bill Gallo momentarily with with. Until it the filling all the blacks. You always do we should do Barclay tag. This is your life. We could do a whole thing with the you know bringing you. Got Some real at he's. Glory. He Eddie such, be he it'll you've had? Now and extended opportunity over the years because of the association with with Mr Fifty. To spend time with him, but he. He. had so little exposure to the national. Turf riding scene. I had a funny side, and and was was immediately I, portrayed as as curmudgeonly and and and grouchy and this, and that which he just isn't I. It's there's a sort of a a you know of of a facade there that that once you know, once you get past it. He's he's is warm and affable and an easy to talk to, and you know when you're at Belmont particularly. More so at Belmont. It seems than Saratoga. At Belmont. When he comes over, and he's one of the trainers that'll train on the on the main track, and he'll come and lean on the fence, and and you know. You. Have Half Hour Windows, twenty minute windows to talk to him that way, and it's always it's always a pleasure, and and you always learn something I mean the he. He'll volunteer information and it just it. It's so clear that this time around on this triple crown run. You know he's just he's very different. and people are going to have a another chance to. Get the noam. I i. wish there was more media that you know were around I mean it's such a narrow focus right now. Sit I mean basically it's. It's Dave Greenwich Bobby Halt and then. On Track and That's. That's pretty much. Everything everything you just said about Barclays. Kinda comes through video because. You. See his Understated humor you know and and you see how what a really nice guy he is, and it's funny because. he he's been painted as a margin, but for years he thought I would come on come margin and I didn't eight that I. So quick and ironic I said you're the you're the margin..

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