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Giants and Dodgers meeting for the 19th and final time during the regular season today. Possible postseason matchup on deck, of course, and talk about this Giants Dodgers rivalry to talk about the remainder of the regular season for San Francisco We're gonna bring in Danny Everman New Giants beat reporter four cam br dot com Doing great work already. Danny, How's it going on this fine Sunday morning? It's lovely, Carrie. Thanks so much for having me on my men Looking forward to this conversation. Giants, making some news this morning will be Dominic Leone getting the ball for San Francisco. He will be the opener for a second consecutive bullpen game after J. Jackson struggled in the first inning on Saturday. Any surprise that gave Catholic go into a high leverage, arm and Leone right out of the gates in your mind? Um, there was a little bit of a surprise when you know the news. The announcement broke this morning. Um, I think Jim Clapper said after last game that a lot of the guys who went yesterday will be available today, too. So I think that plays plays a factor in the decision, but Leon obviously didn't go yesterday. So I think getting a fresh arm to start, um, is part of the calculus there, especially against the top of the Dodgers order when you've got trade Turner, Mookie Betts, Justin Turner, three of the top four guys in that lineup in that projected line up, all right handed. So get Leone off to a good start out of the gates very important for San Francisco. Any Giants offense slumping right now Runners in scoring position. The production has really been miserable over the last few weeks dating back even before the Giants travel to Oakland for that series against the A's Gabe Catherine talked a little bit about it. Post game last night, You had the chance to pick the brains of Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, at least postgame zooms of late. What in your mind is kind of the issue. That's hot. That's held back. This Giants offensive late with Big spots, big pressure situations runners in scoring position. It's pretty easy to chalk it up to just the absent flows of a baseball season. And you know this team hasn't had too many close throughout the 1st 136 games of the season. Um, but these lies like you said these last seven games. It's a full week of games. It's been rough, um, translating 1 35 with runners and going position. And you know, Gabe Kapler said. They've been able to string many rallies together. But you know, the big hit has it has been a mess. So I'm not. I'm not entirely sure what's going on. But if it you know, I don't think it'll it'll continue for too too much longer. This we've seen in a bigger sample size. This team is is a good hitting team. They've had clutch hit. I think a guy that you've seen that with his Lamont way, junior even last night. You know, all he did was get on base and and the giant just couldn't hit him home. Um That's something that we haven't seen all year, and I don't expect to continue for too much longer. Yeah, I'm glad you brought up. Lamont way, Junior. I mean, and you're limited exposure to this Giants fan base so far outside of maybe the homegrown guys and Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt. Is there anyone? This fan base digs more than Lamont Way Junior. It feels like every time the Giants have a pressure at batter landing situation. Giants fans want LaMonte Wade at the plate. Yeah. And for good reason. I think he's come through more often than not. This year has been awesome. He's fun to watch in the field and on the base paths. He's a good overall player. Um, I think the next step for him, I'm sure as you and your your listeners know is probably No improving a hitting lefty, so you can become an everyday kind of kind of type A gun outfield, but he's um He's been a key part of this team, and he's going to be a key part of it going forward. No question in my mind that when the Giants head into the 2022 season, they will expect Lamont way Junior to be kind of a centerpiece of this Giants lineup, regardless of Weather Posey and belt sign extensions enjoying Crawford in that discussion, he will moving forward Be a centerpiece for this Giants club. Danny Everman kind enough to join us here on Sunday morning on can be are today, Danny. I want to get your impression of the atmosphere it Oracle Park over the last two nights. A lot of Dodgers fans, particularly on Saturday night. Just what have you thought about the overall atmosphere Because For a while there we were consistently seeing the giant cell 45,000 tickets and now first real big sell out of the season on Saturday night. It was fun it was, you know, it felt normal. It felt like a playoff game. I'm coming from Boston. So it kind of felt like Red Sox Yankees. Um not quite. I know your listeners probably want to hear that. But There's um you can you can feel you know the mutual respect between the fans in between the franchises, and I think it's warranted. You know, both these teams have a ton of history the ton of pedigree. They each had a ton of success in you know our lifetime and beyond that as well. So it's cool to see last night it was. You know, the crowd was for about 50 50, which I was kind of surprised at But I was impressed at how at how well the Dodgers fans traveled. Yeah, Giants fans have always gone down to L. A gone down to San Diego. They've really invaded Petco Park through the years and over the past two years, with the Dodgers being really good they brought a ton of fans to San Francisco on Saturday night was no different, and I'm sure Sunday night the split will be close to 50 50 as well for Sunday night Baseball Danny Amerman of CAN br dot com. Joining us, Danny You wrote a great piece earlier this week on Logan Webb and his evolution as a picture within the organ. Ization and how he's emerged as San Francisco's ace of the staff take us through the reporting process here..

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